Samsung NC10 Keyboard Problem

  Mort105 11:17 29 Nov 2008


I've just bought the NC10 netbook by Samsung, and the keyboard isn't working correctly. Some of the keys have blue characters on, such as the J key that has a blue number 1 on it. K has a 2, L has a 3 and I has a 5.

The problem is when I press these keys the letters aren't sent to screen but the number appears instead. For example, if I try to type kill it comes out as 2533. If I hold down the function (fn) key then the letter's appear ok, but this isn't ideal.

Has anyone else had this kind of problem, either with the NC10 or other device, has anyone found a solution?

I've already checked the region and language settings are English (uk) for the keyboard.

The operating system is Windows XP home.

  Woolwell 11:40 29 Nov 2008

Check that you haven't got num lock on.

  Mort105 11:52 29 Nov 2008

Thanks Woolwell, that seems to have fixed it. I'm just going to go somewhere to die of embarrasment.

The odd thing is I cant remember having switched the num lock on and it seemed to be on from the first time I booted up. Still I shoulda seen the little blue light at the botton of the casing.

Thanks again.


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