Samsung Mobile Phone Help Needed

  Pesala 20:26 25 Mar 2003

I know - it is not a PC, but I just got this new gadget and I don't even know how to receive phone calls on it, or when I should use the charger that came with it. I may need it tomorrow, but the manual hasn't arrived yet. Please have a look at the scan below and tell me how to use it.

click here

What do the three buttons above the digits do?

Left one I think I need to press to dial out.

Middle one (C) - what does that do?

Right One ??

The top six buttons are presumably for navigating menus. It is an Orange payasyougo phone.

  Ellie3009 20:39 25 Mar 2003

The button with a green handset on it is what you press after you dial a number to connect the call, or to answer the call when the phone rings.

The button with a red handset is to end the call, or drop a call that you don't want to take.
Judging by the other symbol on this button it may also be the power on/power off button.

The Button with a C is normally to move back a level in the menu system, to clear text in a message or delete a digit of a number you have just typed in.
It may also be possible to drop a call by hitting the C button, but Im not sure.

As for when to charge it, one side of the screen will have a battery indicator, probably a line of blocks. If its low, plug it in to charge until the charge indicator stops moving and the battery is full.

  Pesala 20:51 25 Mar 2003

The screen was working earlier, but is now completely dead. Just put on to charge, battery indicator was about 45%, not right down to zero. Will it stil work while charging up?

  Ellie3009 20:52 25 Mar 2003

Or, even better, how about the menu as a PDF file for download?

You don't say what model it is, but I'm guessing from the picture that its an A300.

Go to wclick here
Then click "products" on the menu at the left hand side.

After that, click "mobile phone" under "phones and fax machines"

The click "support" at the top right, then "manual" in the drop down box on the next page.

Then pick your manual by the phone model number, and Bobs your uncle!

I'd post the link, but it doesn't work for some reason.

  Ellie3009 20:53 25 Mar 2003

Oops. For "Menu" in the first line of the post above, read "manual"!

  Tim1964 20:55 25 Mar 2003


Have you checked out the Samsung website for an online version of the manual?
It will probably be under the "support" area of the site.
Hope that helps

  Ellie3009 20:55 25 Mar 2003

It should work while charging, it may be switched off, so Just press the red button or the green button, not sure which, to turn it on.

  Pesala 21:06 25 Mar 2003

Thanks for all the help. I downloaded the manual and bookmarked the website.

The green phone button turns on the light. None of them seem to turn it off again though. I shall have a look at the manual. On the Orange site the A300 looks a little different to my phone. There are no obvious model numbers on the case.

  dipsy 21:28 25 Mar 2003

It's not the A300 'cos I've got one. It's similar so you might get away with the A300 instruction manual if you can't figure out which model it is. They are quite straightforward to use once you get used to them. BTW, the light goes off on it's own after a few seconds.

  Ellie3009 23:05 25 Mar 2003

Just remembered where you might find the model number!

There is often a sticker under the battery inside the case, and it might well be written on there!

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