Samsung LCD TV Replacement-Insurance Claim

  Dave1978 17:41 27 Jul 2010

Hi All,

My son recently hit my 3 year old Samsung LE40R74BD Television with a Power Ranger! trouble is I need some help Identifying another Samsung with all the same features as mine before the Insurance people call me and I really don't know what i'm looking at, I paid £1350.00 for my LCD TV but this clearly doesn't matter as they will only replace my television for one that has the same features.

I had a very interesting conversation will the lady dealing with my claim who had the specifications of my television in front of her but I had to specify exactly what I was looking for (Why would I have to do this when she has the specifications in fron of her)

Anyway once I had mentioned some of the features of my television she stopped me and stated that I would have to have someone from Comet visit my home and assess the damage to the TV which is the glass behind the front panal looks like a beautifully coloured daddy long legs (Gutted).

Would it be cost effective to replace the screen?

Any help with this would be gratefully accepted as I really am struggling with some of the terminology of the features.

thanks in advance.

  rawprawn 17:55 27 Jul 2010

Strange my insurers cover the cost of replacement (new for old) of any single item up to a maximum of £1500, above that it has to be specified.
However after all the fraudulent claims that insurance companies are suffering I suppose they are being ultra carefull.
If it was my problem I would be happy to invite them to send someone to look at it. Like you I know nothing about TV's, and that would seem to me to be the best way forward, I doubt very much that the screen would be worth mending, or even possible to repair.

  Dave1978 19:11 27 Jul 2010


Yes been ultra careful it's exactly how there being which is understandable, it's the fraudulant claims with penalise us all, this is the first claim i have ever made.

I have accepted the request for Comet to visit and take a look at the damage, I just need to hear, and get some advice from someone on here hopefully who maybe able to help me with the technical specification side of things, and what to choose should I bebacked into a corner and forced to make a decision, I have noticed that once you enter into negotiations with the underwriters which seems to be almost everytime you make a claim from the forums I have visited, you end up been given a short amount of time to go back to them with a similar sort of machine, I just don't want to strees out when that time comes, I would like to be ready for it.

Thanks for your response it's much appreciated.

  BRYNIT 19:16 27 Jul 2010

Just looked at the specifications for your TV from the Samsung Manual and the Samsung TV's on the Comet website. Even the cheapest 40" Samsung TV seams to have better specifications than your TV.

Like Computers the prices have dropped considerably on LCD TV's over the past 2-3 years. What use to cost £1500 you can get for about £500 due to newer components.

May I suggest you compare specifications of the TV's on the Comet web site with your own TV or go to Comet, this will give you an idea of what you might get. If you want to upgrade to a more expensive TV you could always ask if you can pay the difference in price.

  Dave1978 20:29 27 Jul 2010

Thanks BRYNIT.

  morddwyd 08:53 28 Jul 2010

"Would it be cost effective to replace the screen?"

Your insurance company will decide that.

  Dave1978 20:38 02 Aug 2010

Gent's I have agreed a settlement with the insurers for my LCD TV, now here's the Million Dollar question...............LCD, Plasma or LED?????

  Dave1978 21:04 02 Aug 2010

Also would my old TV be worth stripping for parts or not?

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