Samsung lazer 'no paper' problem

  Alive and kicking 21:39 10 Apr 2004

I have 2 Samsung lazers ML4500 & ML1210 which both work OK on a PC running W95 but on a PIII with W98SE they both (using the original cable) intermittently report 'no paper' when there is. All modes for the LPT1 port on the BIOS have been tried. Haven't yet tried USB for the ML1210. Problem occurs in all print modes - toolbar, standard or HTML dialog box - and in all programs. Will usually, but not always, print OK after restarting the PC. Problem occurs in about 40% of all printing attempts. Any ideas, pls?

Alive and kicking

  LastChip 21:55 10 Apr 2004

Have you tried removing the printers and then reinstalling?

It sounds like it could be corrupted driver files.

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