Samsung HQ - anyone know Address/Phone no. Please?

  AngeTheHippy 16:54 03 Sep 2007

Hi Chaps,
I need the above information to escalate a complaint re.problems I've had with so far 2 LCDs I've bought within 1 1/2 years. I've written to and spoken with a Monkey at Samsung UK who was to say the least unhelpful. Wouldn't give me the HQ info, just said ... 'oh it'll eventually come back to us anyway...'. I didn't expect that attitude from Samsung, which has prompted to to take it further. I just cannot find the info online.


  AngeTheHippy 17:21 03 Sep 2007

Dunno where you found that info, but I've just called them, and am about to correspond with them now.

Many thanks indeed!!


glad to help

I used which had the bog standard edinburgh service centre address,but at the bottom of the web page was the company registered address,i then googled it and the link was there.

probably an easier way but thats how i found it:-)

  holme 17:27 03 Sep 2007
  Newuser2 17:34 03 Sep 2007

It may be me but Samsung don't seem to make very reliable products.
I've got a fridge freezer that has had probs and I'm not sure it resolved, my son had a lcd TV that just died, & there have been a few threads on on PCA & others re Samsung probs.

  AngeTheHippy 22:44 03 Sep 2007

and thanks for your help. I bought the 1st, a 32" Samsung LCD in January '06. It DIED in October '06. Full refund from Purchased a 2nd 32", same model, it died after another 10 months. SO, one asks, WHY did I purchase a 3rd? It's a different spec to the other 2, and my sons still not having probs with his he bought before the 1st I bought! have SUPERB cutomer support abd can highly recommend them.


  Forum Editor 23:19 03 Sep 2007

instead of with the retailer from whom you bought these products?

Your contract was with them, and they are liable to you under current consumer law. It is often the case that a supplier will recommend that you deal directly with the manufacturer in cases of problems with monitors and TVs, simply because that's where the supplier will send the item for repair/replacement anyway - is this what happened in your case?

  AngeTheHippy 07:59 04 Sep 2007

<<It is often the case that a supplier will recommend that you deal directly with the manufacturer>> sort of, yes. Supplier asked that I obtain a fault number from Samsung then advise them. Supplier arranged pick up etc.

The reason though, that I went straight to Manufacturer was that I feel THEY should know that THEIR product is NOT performing as it should. I don't know what dialog my supplier and Samsung has, whether the(in my case LCDs)units are just returned to Samsung as 'beyond repair' or what, I just don't know. Almost certainly Samsung was not aware that the end user, me, had returned TWO of these faulty LCDs, in rather rapid succession. Do we not expect this kind of product to perform in excess of 10 months?

I'm all for fairness and the man in the street, F.E. These huge manufacturers I sometimes thing are just happily churning out their products, priced pretty highly in many cases - although LCDs as ya know have tumbled and continue to tumble in price - without much thought of what happens once it leaves them.

I've often read the Royal Family are 'out of touch' with 'normal' people, and really do think this is the case with the likes of Samsung and many other giants.

Crikey, see what you've made me do??? This is toooo early for me to be spoutin off...

Happy Tuesday,


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