Samsung Galaxy S & Web problems

  Audio~~Chip 21:55 16 Jan 2011

still within my 14 day return period with this phone and trying last minute to see if I can resolve this issue

When searching and viewing webpages using my Data allowance on Tesco mobile which uses O2 the seaching of webpages and loading a selected site takes ages sometimes that bad timing out.

I have updated my Kies software & firmware no problem. My bars which show recpetion varies a fair bit from 1 upto 4 with the slightest movement. I can make clear calls on just 1 bar so if calls are ok why is my internet on this phone so erratic. any soloution welcome or should I return the phone and go with another network provider.

What I am trying to establish is, is it the actuall phone at fault or the network provider giving me the signal? i have called Tesco support and they think its Static on my Simm card

  dsjohn 10:11 17 Jan 2011

Try in an area where you know there is good reception, meaning good 3G coverage. It may also depend on the site you are trying to reach, try a few other ones, make sure your firmware is up to date. the Galaxy S should be quite fast I think it offers up to 7.2Mbit HSDPA or more.

  Woolwell 11:09 17 Jan 2011

I find that the Galaxy S is generally quite quick to load web pages. The only time I get problems is when my provider has problems. Too many trying to access at the same time? Or I have poor signal coverage.

Have you tried using it over a wireless link?

My gripes with the Galaxy S are lack of flash for the camera and poor battery life. But I gather that poor battery life is the norm for most smartphones.

  Audio~~Chip 12:08 17 Jan 2011

using WiFi to my home connection is fine. I am going to return the phone to Tesco and buy again from Vodaphone who have a better stronger signal in my area. I have just found out last night I can get a extra 250mins talk time also for the same price.

i notice the Bar signal indicator flucuate a lot with the slightest movement in my house rapidly changing from 1- 4 bars down to 3 then 2 then 1 and up to 2 its really erratic. Though calls are fine.

  Audio~~Chip 14:08 17 Jan 2011

broadband and its lightening fast with no hanging or time outs. So does this mean my network provider for my mobile is the fault?

  Woolwell 14:51 17 Jan 2011

Could be signal strength in your area or network provider. The phone can only load the pages as fast as it can get the data.

  Audio~~Chip 19:13 17 Jan 2011

Seems to confirm Tesco Mobile (02) to be weak then going to take phone back then buy again on Vodaphone. On Wi-fi it loaded pages quicker than my desktop Quad core. Shame on Tesco/o2 or I am just unlucky.

Don't understand why Tesco couldn't fault find this at their end with the control and tech these big company's have nowadays. They blamed Static on my Simm card.

  Woolwell 19:20 17 Jan 2011

I have had days when it has been slow. This has occurred when Orange has had a snag.

  Woolwell 19:29 17 Jan 2011

BTW I have found Opera Mini to load quickly when the Android browser has been slow or has even hung loading.

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