Samsung Galaxy S mobile

  compumac 18:50 27 Nov 2010

Not a PC question, but....
I am considering purchasing a Sim free Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone to be used on PAYG. I am currently with T-Mobile and at this stage see no reason to move elsewhere. I realise that it will be said that it is an expensive phone to be used on PAYG and that it would be cheaper to go onto contract. My usage is such that avenue would be far too expensive, and yes, I do realise that I could have several phones for the price of the Galaxy.
If the phone is purchased sim free and I use my current sim card in it, does anyone know of any differences in use of the phone attributes between it being a contract phone and a PAYG phone excepting that I would be paying for those differences? In other words would I be able to access the same content?

  letsgetrdy 21:30 27 Nov 2010

I cant see any reason why not, i think the orange version comes sim free as standard. The only benefits are contract normally includes usage for the net. Its a good phone, i myself looked into it a while back. Its as close to an iphone killer as you can get. The blackberrys have all been misunderstood by the average user, they arn't the same sort of device imho.

Good choice of phone.

  Woolwell 08:09 28 Nov 2010

This is written on a Samsung Galaxy S. Good phone. Cons: No camera flash, eats battery when running some apps. Since having the phone my data use has gone up significantly as the apps require data. Without use of the apps it would be an average phone. What are you going to be using the phone for?

  compumac 08:32 28 Nov 2010

I have been mulling that question overnight.
I have a separate extremely good 10MB quality camera, but I like the 5MB camera and video contained within the phone and the ability to have it always to hand whereas the camera is large and not generally with me. I suppose not realy a good enough reason, - but.........
What is yours used for mainly?

  Woolwell 13:46 28 Nov 2010

I have a good camera too but I wouldn't use the Samsung as a standby camera. The camera in the Samsung is quite good in good conditions but because it doesn't have a flash it is poor in low light and I find the quality quickly drops off. I think that Nokia N8 has a better camera. If you want a camera with you then you may find it easier and cheaper to get a slim compact digital camera.

I use the Samsung as a smartphone. It has my diary (synced with Google calendar), my contacts and has internet and e-mail access. I regularly access e-mails on the move. I can check on Facebook and upload photos from the phone camera directly to it. I use the GPS occasionally but find my TomTom is better. And I play Sudoku when I'm bored.
If it had bluetooth tethering as well as USB tethering then it would meet almost all of my phone requirements but this is an Android weakness. The screen is very good and the Swype method of inputting text is brilliant. The Samsung Kies PC Software is one of the worst PC sync tools that I've used.

  compumac 14:40 28 Nov 2010

I am thinking of the Galaxy as a convenient allround item for the occasions that I do not have my digital camera/my TomTom or a laptop with me. - I am still not able to convince myself that I should go ahead with the purchase. I keep arguing with myself and neither side seems to be winning.

  Woolwell 15:28 28 Nov 2010

Lack of camera flash may be the decider.

  compumac 12:24 29 Nov 2010

My conscience is winning(along with my wallet) - I think that I will pass on the purchase.

  preston 12:54 29 Nov 2010

Try the htc desire, a similar phone but with flash.

  Ikelos 15:55 29 Nov 2010

I have just got the HTC Desire, best toy I have ever brought, one website did a top ten of the best android phones. and the desire was in number one, in fact they said it was the best phone on the planet...............

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