Samsung External Drive Showing as A drive

  suedeblue 17:06 08 Sep 2011

I have plugged in my samsung external hard disk drive and under my computer it only shows an "A" drive for floppy disks. I'm running vista, 32 bit. Can anyone give me some advice please.

  letsgetrdy 17:08 08 Sep 2011

Can you access it still by going into it?

Disk Management can be used to reassign a drive letter.

  suedeblue 17:13 08 Sep 2011

It is showing 0 bites and asking for a floppy disk to be inserted. It does not even recognise it as samsung. I just plugged it into my laptop running windows 7 and it is fine.

  letsgetrdy 17:17 08 Sep 2011

Is it self powered (powered by the data cable) or does it use a mains electricity connection. Sometimes the USB it's plugged into just doesn't have enough power, I have a WD passport that refuses to work on some USB, especially ones that are carried over a wire, and not directly attached to the motherboard, like front access USB for example.

  suedeblue 17:18 08 Sep 2011

It is powered by the usb.

  letsgetrdy 17:19 08 Sep 2011

Have you tried it in other USB ports on the computer? All back ones, front, top.. etc.

  suedeblue 17:22 08 Sep 2011

yes. now it is bleeping.

  letsgetrdy 17:26 08 Sep 2011

Lol. Ok. Can you give any information you know about the computer in question, does it have a model number?

Also, have you tried having the drive plugged in before you turn on the computer. Have you tried restarting your computer? (Sounds stupid, but sometimes needed to successfully integrate drive migration).

  letsgetrdy 17:27 08 Sep 2011

If restarting, leave the drive plugged in.

  suedeblue 17:33 08 Sep 2011

Yes, i laughed as well when it started bleeping. I'll try to restart.

  suedeblue 21:35 08 Sep 2011

Restart did not help unfortunately. I'm going to connect to the laptop again and see if i can format and then try again. Thanks for the suggestions though.

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