Samsung Combo Problems

  Solartopi 15:02 23 Feb 2007

Hi Gurus,

I had two DVD/CD drives in my computer. Took out the LG 16XSuper MultiDVD/CD Rewriter to return it.

Now here's where I have fallen over. I have put My Como back to Master, jumper wise. The IDE Cable from the Grey Connector on the Mobo is attached to the combo drive with the Top Connector.

When I switch on my computer it boots Okay, telling me Primary Master, Secondary Slave Drive. But then after some time the computer Pings telling me something is wrong. This is what I get - Secondary Slave Drive ATAPI Incompatable

Press F1 to resume. I do. All seems okay. I have tried an Audio CD, it Works. But whsn I put say a data CD nothing happens.

Should I use only ONE IDE cable only to join both Hard Disk as Master & Combo DVDC/CD drive as Slave on the Blue Connector Or Grey Connector on the Mobo

please Help!!


  skidzy 15:21 23 Feb 2007
  Solartopi 16:40 24 Feb 2007


Here's what I have found out:

In BIOS Secondary Master is showing as CDRom - Only, no details of DVD/CD Drive.

On Boot-up: both Primary Master - shows in full details.

And Secondary Master - shows up in full details.

After a dew minutes the Bleep comes telling me something is wrong & shows: Secondary Slave Drive ATAPI Incompatable.

It says to hit F1 to continue. I do.

Boot-up continues & comes to giving all the details about the computer - now both the Primary Master & the Secondary Master is shown in Detail.

Status for Primary Master - Says OK

There is no Status for Secondary Master.

Now I go to START - Control Panel - Systems - Hardware - Divice Manager - I hit the + for DVD/CD Roms - My Combo Drive is showing in detail.

Why Please, why is this Bleep continuing on Boot-up & Secondary Slave Drive ATAPI Incompatable is continuing to show.

I have read your two Links. The Drive Letter has changed from E to D. Because E is not there any more

Please, please Help.


  skidzy 16:54 24 Feb 2007

In device manager,can you you goto under Ide ata/atapi controllers and look for the second ide channel and right click and select properties/Advanced settings/if set at PIO try changing to DMA in device. Also try this if no joy click here

I may be off track here and i may be corrected.Does device manager show any yellow exclaimation marks,especially beside the controllers.

  Solartopi 18:00 24 Feb 2007


Ide ata/atapi controllers Results:

secondary IDE Channel properties -
Advance Settings -
Device O
Device Type - Auto Detection (in light grey)
Transfer Mode - DMA if Available (In Dark)
Current Transfer Mode - Multi Word DMA Mode2 (in Dark)

Device Type - Auto Detection (In dark)
Transfer Mode - DMA if Available (In Dark)
Current Transfer Mode - Not applicable (in Dark)-
Could this be the problem

I have not changed anything.


  Solartopi 18:04 24 Feb 2007


Oh Sorry, forgot to mention in last response - no there are no Clashes in the Ide Ata/Atapi controllers.



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:34 24 Feb 2007

Attapi Incompatible
click here

  Solartopi 19:14 24 Feb 2007

Fruit Bat /\0/\,

Thanks very much for the LINK. I shall check everything necessary again.

I can play Audio CDs but not others.

Do you think I should have first Uninstalled the Software that came with the LG DVD/CD ReWriter that I removed.


  woodchip 19:26 24 Feb 2007

If you have a Hard Drive and a combo drive on one Ribbon the Hard Drive jumper should be set to Master and Combo to Slave

PS put the Hard Drive on end connector and Combo on middle one

  Solartopi 20:17 24 Feb 2007


I have them both, The Hard Drive & The DVD/CD Drive on separate IDE Connectors, yes and both on the Top end of the IDE Leads.I think originally my computer may have come with both, the hard drive & the DVD/CD Combo drive on one connector. But when I bought another hard drive and another DVD/CD-LG DVD/CD drive - I must have put both the hard drives on one IDE Connector and both the DVD/CDs on the other IDE Connector. The Hard Drive being Primary Master & Slave. The DVD/CD being Secondary Master & Slave.

I think I will try to put them both the drives on one Connector as you mentioned & see if this Bleeping goes & that "Secondary Slave Drive ATAPI Incompatable" press F1 to resume, also goes away.


  Solartopi 12:25 25 Feb 2007

Hi there,

It's me again. The problem is still there. I was thinking of Uninstalling my DVD/CD Combo drive from Device Manager. Do you think that will help. Will my DVD/CD Combo drie come back on restarting my computer?


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