Samsung CD-ROM drivers

  Billyke 22:33 24 Jul 2007

I'm cannibalising a couple of old computers into one and updating the OS.
Does anyone have drivers for the Samsung SCR-830 CD-ROM drive for Windows 98?
I've been to Samsung's website but this model isn't listed.
Thanks in advance

  woodchip 22:40 24 Jul 2007

Why do you need drivers? Windows loads any drivers you need for Optical drives with the Operating System. If you are wanting to reload 98se from scratch You can download a DOS boot disc from click here It will have drivers on it that will make the drive run for installing 98. To create the boot disc, Put a blank Floppy in the Drive on a 98 or WinME comp don't think a XP comp will do. Double click the above file after you have downloaded it. Then start the computer with the Floppy and Win98se CD in comp.

The CD drive letter will not be D:\ if you only have one hard drive and one CD it will be E:\ it changes letter just to load windows

  Billyke 23:07 24 Jul 2007

Thanks, Woodchip.
That's useful to know. I was given one of the computers after my 98 laptop blew up, and it came with drivers for Win 95. I want to upgrade the OS from 95 to 98 while I'm at it. I can't create a 98 boot disk but I do have F-disk and intend to use that.
If the drivers are on the 98 disc I'll give it a go tomorrow.
Thanks a lot.

  Stuartli 23:15 24 Jul 2007

As woodchip says, Windows installs the basic CD-ROM driver for any optical drive.

If you are going to upgrade to 98SE, don't forget the Unofficial Windows 98SE Service Pack, which has all the updates etc issued until Microsoft ended support. See:

click here

It was a labour of love by the author.

  Stuartli 23:17 24 Jul 2007

Windows boot disks can be downloaded from:

click here

  woodchip 23:21 24 Jul 2007

FDISK is also on the Download. But Why FDISK? you should only need to put the floppy in and start the camp then when it gets to A:\> type FORMAT C: that should be all you need to clear the C drive to reload 98.

After starting again with the floppy after Format, choose start computer with CDrom support. it will then load drivers for CDrom it will tell you the drive letter if you keep a keen eye on what it does. then after it gets back to A:\> type the Drive letter like E: it should go to E:\> if that is the drive then just type SETUP with the 98 CD in the drive press enter it will check the drive is ok. then press X and Windows setup will start.

Print this off if you are not sure

  Billyke 21:30 25 Jul 2007

Sorry I've been 'off the air' so long. I appreciate all the help but I haven't been able to try it yet. The floppy drive threw a wobbly so I've spent all day trying to resolve that issue so I can carry on. Nearly there so I hope to report back soon.

  Billyke 20:57 29 Jul 2007

Many thanks to both of you for your advice. I'll take your word for all of this as I haven't been able to try it yet 'cos my floppy drive went haywire.
I've just got it back so I'll try it just as soon as I've sorted another little problem out. Thought I better close this thread.
Incidentally, do hard drives need drivers, or is this another thread?

  woodchip 23:09 29 Jul 2007

No they only need the Motherboard Drive Controllers loading. But even with this Windows will provide Generic one when you load Windows. but if you can get the correct Motherboard Drivers it would be better

  Billyke 23:27 29 Jul 2007

OK. Thanks for your guidance woodchip.

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