Samsung 840 SSD, HOT

  dlguk 20:47 30 Jan 2014

I installed the said SSD a year ago; all was well until some months ago I started to get my left hand cooked. I have noticed the battery draining quicker and the fan kicking in too often. Ok I had written about 200Gig to the drive so decided to format the drive and after a clean install of Win7 SP1 I still have the same problem. The drive itself gets warm then hot within about 10 to 15 mins. and so sets the fan off. As I type the fan heater has started, doh. I don’t know how long the warranty is on this product but from what I have heard about Samsung support I feel that is fairly academic. Thank you in advance Dave

  rdave13 21:46 30 Jan 2014

Save all your data first. Check laptop cooling but an SSD DRIVE DOESN'T GENERATE HEAT AS IT IS A SOLID STATE DRIVE. The amount it does create is negligible. Check if the cooling fan on the CPU is actually working. Otherwise the SSD is 'burning out' as the circuitry is decaying, just like a motherboard will eventually.

  dlguk 09:49 31 Jan 2014

Thank you for your reply. I have the SSD exposed and after about an on, working or idle the fan will kick in and the drive feels like a recently boiled kettle. When I bought the drive about a year ago, that was one of the things I raved about i.e. how cool it ran so I can only assume your 'burning out' theory must be the case...after one year of moderate use, not good. I will now have to put the original 'steam driven' one back in, oh what a thought. Essential data all saved as I had performed a Clean Install. Cheers Dave

  rdave13 09:54 31 Jan 2014

How about contacting Samsung about the problem? As you say its only a year old they might help out? Worth a try.

  dlguk 10:05 31 Jan 2014

Yes I am going to TRY to contact them but am not going to hold my breath.

  dlguk 11:22 31 Jan 2014

I had tried Samsung some weeks ago and appeared to be going round in circles, getting nowhere. So I opted to call Amazon, after giving the operator the story and telling him it was over a year since I purchased it he told me to return it for a full refund, what a company eh? I will of course be reordering the same device. I have just received the returns label. Cheers

  rdave13 11:25 31 Jan 2014

Now that's what I call customer service. Glad you're sorted.

  dlguk 15:33 31 Jan 2014

Ty rdave13,

I have just ordered a replacement so will update my review on Amazon. I still have the original box and am going to return it Collect+ (a shop 5 mins. walk from me).

Thank you once again for your interest.


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