Samsung 152T - refresh problems

  Deputy Dog 20:25 16 May 2004

I have the above monitor and a Chaintech FX5200 64Mb graphics card. Every so often the screen freezes and I need to minimize the active window. This results in a black sceeen for a second or two and then it is OK. It happens more often when on the Web. Have had system crash (rarely) back to 4 colour screen and error message for graphics failure. Card checks out OK.????

  stalion 22:03 16 May 2004


  Djohn 05:27 17 May 2004

Check your resolution and refresh rate. For this model it should be 1024x768 with a refresh of 75Hz. Are you using analog or digital connection for the monitor?

  Deputy Dog 22:32 17 May 2004

DJOHN - i am set at 1024x768. The highest refresh offered is 72 htz. I have both leads but I am unsure how to change from the analog to DVI.

  Djohn 23:25 17 May 2004

I think your card has the DVI output, if so it's just a matter of buying a DVI cable and connecting your monitor to the PC with this instead of the present analog cable.

But before you do that try the following.

Right click on your desktop and choose properties/settings/advanced/adaptor then click on the button "List all modes".

A new window will open and you should be able to scroll to a setting of 1024x768 at 75Hz. If not then try the more normal setting of 60Hz. j.

  woodchip 23:31 17 May 2004

While in there in performance you will see a slider for troubleshooting you could try that in different positions

  Djohn 23:39 17 May 2004

Just had another thought. If your using XP and have downloaded the driver update for nvidia it just might be this that is causing the problem, it made my TFT freeze and go to safe mode.

From the adaptor tab click on properties/driver then click on the "Roll back driver" button. this will revert back to your original card settings. I did this with mine and it works as it did before. Perfect!

  woodchip 23:43 17 May 2004

Hi Djohn have you seen the SP2 thread I posted bellow

  Djohn 23:52 17 May 2004

Yes thanks. Had a good read up on it too. j.

  Deputy Dog 21:41 18 May 2004

It oly offers 75htz at 800x600. I tried the downloaded nviwia driver with no success and have rolled back. The DVI lead instead of analog left me with an error for 'check the cable' no video floating in a beautifully coloured but less than helpful bix so i swapped back again. My driver disk says To choose the exact named driver and offers digital or analog but if I load the Digital one i get no picture

  Djohn 21:48 18 May 2004

When you select the digital driver, have you got a DVI cable connected and not the analog one?

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