same fault on 2 computers

  mack10 15:16 19 Oct 2006

I moved into a new flat with a computer i had been using in 2 other properties for 5 years.
After about a week at the new flat the computer developed a fault where the monitor was getting no signal and the tower had its lights on and the hard disc was turning. Was advised it was the graphics card so i replaced it and it worked for a while then died again with same fault. Was then told it must be the motherboard but it was an old type so it could not be found. I bought a brand new computer which on the day of purchase showed signs of the old computer problems. It worked for a while then it to died with the same fault as before. Any ideas what is causing this??? Im pulling my hair out thinking how can 2 computers one being brand new can develop the same fault.

  recap 15:25 19 Oct 2006

This could be a mains power related problem. Do you have any anti-surge protection for your computer?

  mack10 15:31 19 Oct 2006

I suspected it might be so i did use a surge protector on the new one but it still developed the same fault. This is the first time have ever used one. I always used to plug my computer straight in.

  De Marcus™ 15:32 19 Oct 2006

Coincidence, take the new one back.

  mack10 15:39 19 Oct 2006

I will take the new one back but do you really think it could be a coincidence I wont get my money back if it happens again. Could the surge protector be faulty??

  Ianjp 15:44 19 Oct 2006

You say "new" flat, but is it? Old properties often have dodgy wiring and commonly give power spikes when other electrical equipment is switched on or off. Standard surge protection will not stop these sort of spikes, merely attenuate them. Also, if it's a frequesnt event (the spikes), it will destroy your surge protection, so it might as well not be there.

  recap 15:44 19 Oct 2006

This is a possiblilty, but very rare.

Can you try setting up the system in another room, or from another socket, see if this changes the situtation.

  Pamy 15:48 19 Oct 2006

Surely the power supply to the motherboard and other components comes from the computer power supply? so, if it was a power surge wouldn't the computer power supply blow?

  mack10 15:53 19 Oct 2006

I have tried every room with the new one it did not work in the original room where i had the old one well it did on one socket for about 2 mins with the surge protector then not. I moved it to the lounge and it worked the whole day until the morning when in the morning i moved it back into the bedroon and it did not work so moved it back to the lounge and it did not work there now and hasnt worked since. Soit is doing my head in. To be honest i am in dispute with my landlord and his electrician says there is nothing wrong with the electrics but he would say that i feel. It is not a new flat, converted house.

  mack10 15:55 19 Oct 2006

yes i thought that

  woodchip 15:57 19 Oct 2006

This sounds like the Power in the Flat needs seeing to

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