same e-mails downloading again & again

  dangerusone 22:31 23 Sep 2009

My ISP is Tiscali and I use Outlook Express for my e-mails. For the last 3 days when I try and download e-mails I get the message *100 messages* (example) after 70 messages it freezes and no matter how long I leave it no more messages come through.I deleted the spam and the ones that I wanted I moved to specific folders. when I reboot,go online,and to Outlook Express I get exactly the same 70 e-mails downloading again. I have taken screenshots of them before I delete and comparing the printouts, they are the same e-mails.
It is like being caught in a time loop.

Also my PC is running awfully slow,taking an age to do new tasks and often not responding.
I was wondering if I had some kind of bug.

  Sea Urchin 23:12 23 Sep 2009

In OE go to Tools/Accounts/Properties and Advanced tab and untick box Leave a copy of messages on server. Click Apply and OK.

  Forum Editor 23:13 23 Sep 2009

If you can it might be worth taking a look, and then deleting everything that you don't want. The mailbox may have a fault.

Make sure your Outlook Express settings are configured to delete mail from the server after download.

Presumably you have up to date anti-virus software installed, and have run a scan? Have you defragmented the hard drive recently?

  dangerusone 23:22 23 Sep 2009

Forum Editor & Sea Urchin

I have Spyware Doctor,AVG and Registry Mechanic,no problems shown.
I will defrag tomorrow as it has been a while since it has been done.

I will also try your other suggestions.
Many thanks

  Taff™ 09:03 24 Sep 2009

There`s almost certainly one e-mail, probably with a large attachment, that`s stuck in your inbox. It will probably be the 71st e-mail in te list! You need to access you e-mails by webmail and locate then delete it. Then as FE says everything else will be downloaded normally and deleted from the mailbox.

  dangerusone 10:27 24 Sep 2009

I defragged this am as advised, then then went on line and went to Tiscali site before trying to open Outlook Express.
There were 394 e-mails in my Inbox which I went through and looked at the ones that were relevant and deleted the rest.After deleting 394 there was another 70 or so showing but not in bold type as the others were,so I deleted them also,when I went to Outlook Express everything was fine.
I think I have to tighten up my spam controls as the offending mail was all spam.

Taff - there was no mail above 450Kb

I willl give it 24 hours before I tick the resolved box, but I'm very hopeful.
Thanks for the help.

  dangerusone 11:37 25 Sep 2009

Looks like all is well. I have changed from Outlook Express to Outlook on the advice of a friend and it looks quite good.

I defragged as Forum Editor suggested and the difference to my PC is remarkable. I was watching iPlayer on BBC website last night and usually it has to stop and buffers all the time,no uninteruptered.

I'll try and keep on top of things in future.
Thanks once again

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