same disc reads 100% on one drive but not another?

  theDarkness 23:23 01 Sep 2006

on the odd occassion discs dont always read from my drive that were originally burnt from another older drive. is it possible that not all brands of drive will be able to read the same recorded dvd-r/cd-r discs, that very old brands of drive may not have good compatibility, even if somehow on some systems the same disc can be read 100% - is it down to the type of burn or will a good disc always read no matter what system it was burnt on? one disc may read fine on one pc (eg my old pc with older dvd drive), but when inserted in my new pc, nothing happens - eg it ask me what to do as normal, i click on 'open folder' and the disc appears empty with 0 folders and 0 files.

im not judging any brands of dvd or cd blank disc, only readability of the same discs between different drives. my old drive reads these 'bad discs' 100% so they are definately not bad burns. my new drive reads normal discs (and discs I have burnt with the new drive) 100% also.

thanks for any info!.. :) anyone?

  theDarkness 23:33 01 Sep 2006

could it be down to laser quality in the old player, not burning the disc well, or could it be down to the new player not having a good enough laser quality to read? i will assume its the old drive at fault :) urk! is laser quality really likely? im guessing here.. sorry for multiple posts

  woodchip 23:36 01 Sep 2006

Write Formats have changed over the years. On CDRW

  theDarkness 23:47 01 Sep 2006

just tried again, forgot to mention that some of these discs read as 'blank' on my latest pc dvd drive before asking me what to do, yet play fine on my old drive? these are all pc discs, i have also noticed that inserting into my regular dvd player (living room, also plays mpeg so can display folders)- the folders appear

my latest drive has no probs with any disc apart from the ones recorded on the older drive

  terryf 06:09 02 Sep 2006

Suggestion, is the speed of the old drive a lot less than that of the new drive? I have disks written on an older drive that are unreadable on my newer al-singing, all-dancing drive

  theDarkness 07:46 02 Sep 2006

yeah, thanks for the info-i guess its the same situation, the older drive is slower. it looks like I will need to reconnect the old drive, copy the discs to hd and reburn. unless anyone knows of another way of course

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