Salvaging My Documents from one PC to another

  chrishillcoat 12:22 24 Jul 2004


I recently had a problem with a newish computer, which I have sent back to the retailer, minus components. I need to access the music and pictures in "My Documents" from my new PC, so I put in the HDD as a slave in my old PC (how convenient). Unfortunately, when I try to access them, Explorer says "Access is Denied". Could it be because I have the same name of user on both PCs which is somehow blocking access to my new hard drive?

Checking the Properties menu comes up with the right amount of data in each drive, so I'm confident nothing's been erased.

Any ideas gratefully received!

Chris Hillcoat

  SEASHANTY 12:29 24 Jul 2004

Are we to understand that you have returned your new
PC to the retailer minus the hard drive it came with
which contains the original operating system and all data etc?

  User-312386 12:29 24 Jul 2004

what operating systems are both PC's on?

  chrishillcoat 12:34 24 Jul 2004

Both PCs use XP Home. The problem computer is a barebones Shuttle (the power supply died), which I stripped of all components. Both hard drives used to be C: drives with Windows, documents, etc. etc. and my new drive now exists as E:. I can get at the Windows, Program Files etc. directories but not into my own Documents and Settings subdirectory!


  User-312386 12:37 24 Jul 2004

have you tried the jumpers on cable select, although that does not appear to be the problem

  chrishillcoat 12:40 24 Jul 2004

The jumpers are correctly set with the old drive as master and the new drive as slave.


  User-312386 12:50 24 Jul 2004

set them to cable select, rather than master and slave

  cga 15:29 24 Jul 2004

I dont think jumpers are going to help you as you can already see the disk. I don't have 'Home' (only 'pro') to play with but do you have administrator privaledge.

If you do then the only thing I can suggest is to try to copy them out in Safe Mode if it will let you - otherwise try offline. Is this an NTFS partition - If not then you might be able to get at the files from a basic Win98 boot disk.

  chrishillcoat 15:36 24 Jul 2004

I found the solution, thanks for everyone's help. I just moved "My Documents" from the new drive to a different place where access isn't denied (after booting with just the new drive), and now I can get at my stuff.

Thanks for all your ideas!


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