..sailing ships and Hard Dive crashes and cabages-

  robin2dogs 02:31 22 Jun 2003

I used to have 2 hard drives one containing Win ME set to C: ( other partitions.)
Second hdd had XP but set up as,drv D again partitioned. C:\winME,E:F;.....D:\winXP,G,H.
Hope that makes sense,anyway the C: drive hdd crashed,and is now beyond" economic repair".
In my naivety I tried to reinstall winME from cdrom,however since my C:drive hdd was not working "we"inadvertently reinstalled winME on the D:drive over the top of winXP.Not good.With the clear light of day it dawned on me that my active partition was on the dead hdd...
Still no go,so reinstalled XP on what seemed to be left.....didn't seem to work so well!
Switched off and tried again and if you get this it's working BUT I've now a copy of winXP on what is now my C: drive AND my D: drive. More importantly I've lost all the docs+settings from
the original setup although they're still winexplorer.
Any help at all please-still a novice.thks

  Forum Editor 02:49 22 Jun 2003

and not a sailing ship or cabbage in sight.

When you say that the master drive is "beyond economic repair" how do you know - has someone told you that? Just because an operating system crashes it doesn't necessarily mean that there's anything wrong with the drive - did you try to run in safe mode?

Presumably all your data files are on what you call the 'dead' hard drive. Not to worry though, you've always got that backup to CD, or to the other drive that you make routinely haven't you? You have, haven't you...............?

If you didn't back anything up, and the drive is really dead you've seen the last of your files - unless you fancy paying a data recovery company a small fortune to retrieve the files for you.

My advice is to format the other drive - which you have presumably now set as the master on the primary IDE cable - and start afresh. And don't forget to back up your data files to CD - often.

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