Safety Cameras Program To Run On Pocket PC

  M7MAK 16:01 30 Apr 2005

i have a MIO 168 Pocket PC With TomTom Navigator 3 wired GPS, What i am looking 4 is a program to run with this to notify me of Safety Cameras, & a janet & john instuctions of how to load and run it, please can any one help

  pj123 16:22 30 Apr 2005

Although of no help to you I read an article recently in a motoring magazine that most of these camera detecting units will be made illegal very shortly.

I might also ask that if you stick to speed limits involved, why would you need one?

By asking where you can get this type of programme you are implying that you regularly break the speed limit?

  oldal 17:31 30 Apr 2005

PJ123. I think you will find that speed camera detectors (ie devices triggered by the camera's radio emissions ) are to be made illegal but not GPS based systems which merely indicate the location of cameras.

  g0slp 17:41 30 Apr 2005

Perhaps it's so that M7MAK is aware that others may be 'panic braking' in the vicinity of the <cough> Safety Camera devices, & wants to know where such devices are...

In answer to M7MAK's question, is there not a 'Points of Interest' (POI) site showing these devices? I thought that it was possible to add such lists to TTG data files, along the lines of 'Good Pubs', 'Petrol Stations' etc.

  TomG 17:45 30 Apr 2005

I use an ipaq with tomtom - if you go to their website there is a link to a poi site with all sorts of useful stuff.

  VoG II 17:53 30 Apr 2005

Google is your friend click here

  Border Collie 17:57 30 Apr 2005

I also have the MIO 168 with Tom Tom. This is what you are after. click here

Once you are set up you can sync with the site and it automatically downloads new points of interest.

Start your Sat Nav with CheckPOInt and it will start Tom Tom. When you come out of Tom Tom it will stop CheckPOInt.

Any problems just click the little yellow envelope and mail me.

Speed camera detectors were going to be made illegal but there wasn't enough time for it to go through because of the election being called.

  oldal 17:59 30 Apr 2005

Have a look at click here and click here

  Border Collie 18:05 30 Apr 2005

M7MAK, look towards the bottom of this click here page and you'll get the full instructions.

  Bagsey 18:25 30 Apr 2005

Checkout ebay What you want is selling for £1.00 to £2.00 per CD.I think that I am right and that the POI's for your system is the same as for Tom Tom Go so these on ebay will be OK.

click here

  g0slp 18:53 02 May 2005

I think that those bidding on this one click here might be very upset when they realise that it's just software, & not the TTG unit itself...

It's a cleverly presented offer, I have to say!

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