Safely removing hardware

  nick_j007 21:59 16 Feb 2004

Hello all,

When I try to remove a mass storage device from my Dell laptop running on XPH using the safely remove hardware method, it disconnects me from my BB connection and tries to redial again.
Sometimes it will redial successfully, but a few times it will only reconnect after rebooting.
It is connected via USB2 (a recent addition) but I seem to recall it did it on USB1 also.

I'm off to bed as I feel 'fluey' but will read any pointers with interest in the morning.
Cheers all.


  nick_j007 22:01 16 Feb 2004

Perhaps I might ask if I am as well to just pull it out when finished without using the remove hardware route?
Is that a big no no?


  nick_j007 10:03 17 Feb 2004


  byfordr 10:51 17 Feb 2004

Doesn't it give you the choice of what device to disconnect? When you click on the safely remove icon the should be a number of options including one for Mass Storage device.

I used to just pull the devices out, but a Sun engineer I was working with said that you need to remove it safely to give it a chance to synch up and write the data to the storage.

  nick_j007 10:55 17 Feb 2004

Yes, I'm given the choice of which to disconnect.

It still knocks me off line anyway.


  nick_j007 10:59 17 Feb 2004

Curiously, Just tried it soon as I click the icon in my tray it takes me off line and it does redial automatically.


  byfordr 11:00 17 Feb 2004

Is your internet connection plumbed into the same USB ports as the storage device?

  nick_j007 11:07 17 Feb 2004

Using a Dell laptop.

x2 USB 1's on the back. These hold my BB USB plug and cordless mouse thingy.

I have installed a Belkin USB 2 plug in a PCMCIA slot on the side of my laptop. I connect the mass storage device via here as it is USB2.

As I say though it knocks me off line as soon as I click the safely remove hardware icon in my tray.

Ta, Nick

  byfordr 11:38 17 Feb 2004

I've not got any storage devices in front of me. But I'll have a play when I get home, and see if I can come up with anything.


  nick_j007 12:15 17 Feb 2004


Appreciate any comments/ideas.

BTW, I shall look into it more later, but if you right click on the icon you can go into properties for different things.
There might be a solution there?
I have my daughter at home on half term...being dragged off my PC virtually!


  nick_j007 17:27 17 Feb 2004

The trick is I'm finding is to RIGHT click on the icon first, then LEFT click on the next box. Then choose which device to stop.
This does not interfere with any other USB devices (BB being one of them).
Perhaps this is the recommended way to go anyway, but it is a little long-winded.

I'll show this as resolved I think!

Many thanks byfordr for your help :-)


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