Safely remove hardware

  hawthorn59 01:35 21 May 2006

Since i recently got my laptop reformatted, the "safely Remove Hadware" icon appears every time I turn it on. And I have nothing plugged in that should be removed.
Its very annoying as I have to go thorugh the motions of pressing "stop" and "close" et every time. Also i notice when I press stop it gives me 3 choices; Stop a hardware device/USB mass storage device/Generic Volume E

I go through the motions, just as if I had something plugged in, but i dont!


  Polopaul69™ 01:42 21 May 2006

Do you have any USB devices attached i.e mouse, as it will still show up.

  ashdav 01:59 21 May 2006

anything that's not on PCI,IDE/floppy or SATA will show up as an external device and be subjected to the remove hardware prompt.
by reformatted do you mean reinstalled ?
volume E suggests some sort of storage device.
do you have any flash cards fitted ?

  hawthorn59 02:31 21 May 2006


Yes I got the HD refomatted and reinstalled XP etc.
No I have nothing attached except the mouse. I do of course on occasions hace flash drives attached and then it shows up, and works as it should. But I have nothing attached on this occasion.



  rawprawn 08:03 21 May 2006

Right Click on the TaskBar select Properties/Taskbar/Customise/scroll down to past Items and select "Always Hide" from the little drop down menu. It will come back when you next connect hardware. It is sometimes a difficult icon to stop.

  rawprawn 08:05 21 May 2006

I meant scroll down past items to "Safely Remove Hardware" then highlight it and then select always hide

  hawthorn59 00:49 23 May 2006


I did what you said, and although it shows up as "always hide", it still appears, and hasnt gone away.

It seems to be USB Mass Storage Device, but I dont have anything attached.


  ashdav 00:56 23 May 2006

is it a USB mouse ?
Try running the computer without it to see if anything shows up.

  rawprawn 08:06 23 May 2006

Start/right click on My Computer/Properties/Hardware/Device Manager/scroll down to USB Controllers, open them up, and have a look for yellow marks. Let us know.

  hawthorn59 21:33 23 May 2006

Did that. No yellow marks at all. But actually now it is not appearing in the taskbar, unless I click the left arrow to see all the icons. So I dont see it. But it is still there; now maybe its meant to be, but I thought that the more items were in the taskbar(is this the same as startup?) the more memory you were using. That was my reason for trying to get rid of it.

Now that I cant see it (unless its needed) its not actually bothering me.


  ashdav 23:41 23 May 2006

what you described in your last post is normal. ie "safely remove hardware" icon is hidden. It's not using any resources until you use it. It's just a safe way to do things.
I think you're sorted now.

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