Safely remove the flash drive

  Neill 21:39 11 Sep 2005

Before removing the flash drive I click on the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the Sys Tray. Two options appear, one saying Safely Remove Mass Storage device (the flash drive) and the other saying Safely remove Alcatel Speedtouch USB ADSL PPP.

I only click the Flash Drive and leave the modem one alone.

However the connection to the Internet is also disconnected and when I try and redial, I get the message “No dial tone. Make sure the modem is correctly connected to the computer and phone line.” So I have to reboot for the connection to the net to be remade.

A couple of questions I suppose. How can I go through the procedure to remove the flash drive without disconnecting the internet connection and two, is it really necessary to “disconnect” the flash drive or can it just be pulled out?

  VoG II 21:42 11 Sep 2005

I just pull mine out ;o)

  Neill 21:46 11 Sep 2005

No harm done then? Just wondered why the option was there to go through the rigmaroll of disconnecting.
Perhaps I'm being far too cautious.

  Stuartli 22:04 11 Sep 2005

My best mate uses a Compact Flash card (it fits into the spare floppy bay's adapter drive) on a Windows 98SE based system.

He is under strict instructions to either use the drive icon in the Task bar before taking out the card or to switch the machine off completely, otherwise the backup data will/can be lost.

  lotvic 22:45 11 Sep 2005

(XP OS) I just plug mine in and out willynilly - Crucial Gizmo! USB Flash Drive. Never had any bother I just ignore the 'safely remove hardware' icon. (Same goes for my card reader when I'm putting photos onto pc)

  ton 22:46 11 Sep 2005

I also just pull out the cards (CF,SD & XD), never had a problem.
Just make sure the card isn't being written to.

  Wuggy 22:54 11 Sep 2005

The only time there will be a problem is if you are writing a large amount of data to your USB drive some of which may be cached. In those circumstances if you simply pull the drive out you may lose some of the data from the cache and corrupt the file structure on the USB drive. Waiting a few seconds usually makes all the difference.

  Chris Webster 22:55 11 Sep 2005


are you left clicking on the icon or right clicking? I had a similar problem as in when I left clicked on the icon it disconnected my Speedtouch usb modem, I stopped this happening by always right clicking on icon and stopping my flash drive from the box that comes up.

Cheers, Chris.

  Neill 20:38 12 Sep 2005

Hi Chris
Yes that did the trick - right click the icon instead of left clck. It was a little long winded as certain dialog boxes crop up that need answering but the main thing was that the internet connection stayed connected. Cheers

  Jackcoms 21:06 12 Sep 2005

In fact, ideally, you should right click on the icon for the flash drive in My Computer and choose the 'Eject' option.

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