GLASGOWRANGER 14:42 07 Dec 2006

i have a new vista ready pc with a virtual drive and have problems installing software with safedisc installed on the disc. i get the message please insert disc into drive E although the disc is already in the drive.what is the problem.

  Pamy 14:50 07 Dec 2006

Hi GLASGOWRANGER, never heard of "Safedisc". What is it and what disk is it installed on?

  birdface 14:57 07 Dec 2006

Maybe you have to register it,Found here

  woodchip 15:01 07 Dec 2006

You do know that a "virtual drive" is not a Drive but one that acts like one

  Pamy 15:06 07 Dec 2006

buteman, So this appears to be a program that is put on a disk first, before a program is put on it like say "Word",to prevent the disk being copied. So what programs GLASGOWRANGER, are you trying to install that has "Safedisc" on it? and surely you are installing Progs to your C: drive?

  woodchip 15:10 07 Dec 2006

Safe disc from the Link as nothing to do with loading a OS. It is copywrite software for if you burn a CD or DVD disc. so no one can copy it

  GLASGOWRANGER 15:35 07 Dec 2006

its on my just flight traffic disc for flight sim x. it seems to me as i only have one drive on my pc which does the lot including burning cds the pc thinks i am going to copy the disc instead of installing it. i have turned of av and firewalls etc but still no luck.

  Pamy 15:39 07 Dec 2006

When you put the disc in the drive, cancel anything that comes up, then go into "my computer" and click on the drive you put the disk into ie. E then click on the flight disc and look for install or EXE and click on that

  Pamy 15:42 07 Dec 2006

Further, were there no instructions with or on the flight disc to tell you how to install it?

  Vangeliska 15:46 07 Dec 2006

I may be totally wrong, but I think if you attempt to put this on a Virtual Drive, in effect you are copying it which SafeDisc will not permit.

  GLASGOWRANGER 16:00 07 Dec 2006

even if you put the disc in the drive and click my computer and click on drive E which is the only one i have an hourglass appears and sometimes i get the message please insert a disc into drive E.i did not know till i bought the product it was a safedisc. even going to run and typing e:\run.exe still gets no must think i am going to copy it somehow.

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