Safe way to split a partition

  michaelw 10:47 07 May 2010

I've got a Compaq Presario notebook with Vista Home Premium, 222gb 'c' partition and 10.5 gb 'd' recovery partition.

I want to dual boot with xp but I don't want to risk harming the 'd' recovery partition or the stuff on 'c'.

Is there a failsafe way to split 'c' and still retain all progs and data on 'c'. I've made recovery dvds, but these would presumably link to 'd' if I ever needed a recovery. So the extra partition would presumably be 'f'.

  mgmcc 12:48 07 May 2010

You could use a program such as the free "Easeus Partition Master" click here to reduce the size of "C" drive's partition and then create a new partition in the "Unallocated Space" created by the resizing.

The normal rule when setting up a dual boot is to install the older version of Windows first. XP and Vista use different methods to boot - XP uses a Boot.ini file, Vista has its own Boot Manager. After installing XP, you may be unable to boot into Vista and you would then have to boot with a Vista DVD to run "fixboot" from the Repair Console.

  michaelw 09:31 08 May 2010

Thanks. I'll pluck up courage later and have a go. The last time I I used a partiton tool I trashed a hd using Patition Manager (their fault) so I'm a bit cautious.

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