safe registry cleaners - what do you use?

  eysha 12:56 28 Aug 2008

I have been reading about registry cleaners and i know that my laptop could do with one as it has never had one in its 18 months of life - but what is safe for a novice like me?
I once downloaded CCCleaner on my old computer and it caused a lot of problems which i don't want to repleat, to be honest i am a bit scared of things like this as i am not computer savvy really.
What FREE registry cleaners do you use and why? what problems have you had and how did you fix them? If all else fails would i have to wipe and re-install everything?
everything is backed up as on burnt to disk and i have all my disks for my programms but it is very time consuming to wipe and start again.
Also how do i know what is safe to delete from a registry cleaner and what is not?
Thanks in advance.

  VoG II 13:07 28 Aug 2008
  brundle 13:08 28 Aug 2008

Don't bother unless you have a specific problem. click here

  Daiol 13:09 28 Aug 2008

Try Eusing been using it for a while with no probs its very popular and its free.
look here

  eysha 13:10 28 Aug 2008

I am not on Vista, just XP.
That looks so confusing and i think a bit too dangerous for me but thanks for sending. might help someone else looking for the same info.

  Technotiger 13:14 28 Aug 2008

Try click here which is free and very easy to use.

  eysha 13:23 28 Aug 2008

Brundle, i don't have a specific problem and after reading that link i don't think i will bother either - thanks for your help. Better be safe than sorry i guess and i would be sorry too as i am no computer techno, even a little bit.

  sunny staines 13:49 28 Aug 2008


all free and repair free, the last 2 are deep cleaners. winaso will only clean 10 at a time so if you have more than ten, just keep rescanning after each fix [ with winaso i do not let it delete hp reg entries as it messes up my printer/scanner software]

  Splodge 15:10 28 Aug 2008

Try "Glarysoft Registry Repair". I also use RegClean which is provided free by Microsoft. Search their web-site for it.
I also use CCleaner, and Advanced Windows Care, all of which cost nothing.

As a rule I run them all once a week before I run
Windows LiveCare, which searches for unnecessary files, Viruses and security updates. It also defrags the hard drives.
Had absolutely no trouble for over 3 months!

  sunny staines 15:19 28 Aug 2008


had not heard of regclean since windows 95 has it been kept upto date to run with XP & Vista ?

AWC is ok but I feel Glary has become too aggressive i used to use it when it first appeared and it was ok but later updates has made it too aggressive messing up programs for me not used it since around end of last year,Has it improved recently?

  brundle 15:29 28 Aug 2008

RegClean was only supported for the 9x versions of Windows. It can damage an Office installation for a start; click here

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