safe mode or whatever I pick

  Birt Ley 18:31 26 Dec 2006

it just restarts.

When I started our desktop machine earlier. It came up with the option to start

windows normally, safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with comand prompt, etc.

No matter which option I take, it just restarts the computer and goes to the same screen.

we have not added any software recently, just windows updates. Is it possible to get it going so we can save save some information. We do backup to a dvd driev, occasionally but we have not done so for a few weeks.

I am using my daughters laptop at the moment.

thanks in advance

  skidzy 18:44 26 Dec 2006

If you have a backup image of your drive,you need to go into the bios and change the boot order to cd/dvd drive first then hdd and then floppy if you have a floppy drive.

Press possibly F2 or the delete key..maybe a different key on startup and change the boot order and boot from your drive image if you have one.

Posting your PC's info would be a great help model/mobo/os etc

If you do not have an image of the drive,maybe a repair click here

You have what is commonly known as a looping system and a repair may be the best bet.

  namtas 18:50 26 Dec 2006

In safe mode you could try system restore, simple and worth trying.

  Birt Ley 19:12 26 Dec 2006


Although we do backup, we just do the " my documents " folder. I would not know how to do an image? Has windows an option to do this?


Sorry it will not start in safe mode. The computer just restarts.

  skidzy 20:40 26 Dec 2006

Im afraid not Birt,you would need something like Acronis or Nortons Ghost.

Without knowing any system specs or model of pc/laptop its going to be hard for us to advise you.

However,if you are may have a repair option using F11 on startup,this is on a hidden partition,though not all systems have this.

If not it may be best to follow the repair option as posted earlier.

  Birt Ley 20:53 26 Dec 2006


the machine is a pc around 4 years old. It was purchased from a local computer shop unfortunately not now there. It came with a windows disk and some other disks.

I have tried putting the windows disk in the machine, as in the guide above but it is going straight to the same safe mode etc options.

  Birt Ley 21:40 26 Dec 2006

I have tried the ' XP Repair install" option from the Michael Stevens Tech page at least a dozen times tonight. It has not displayed the " Welcome To Setup" or "To setup Windows XP now, press ENTER " screens or commands. It just goes straight to the " start windows normally or safe mode " screen.

Any idea what I am doing wrong. Do you need more information about the the pc?


  I am Spartacus 21:47 26 Dec 2006

You need to go into the BIOS when you switch on and set the Boot order to CD first.

You usually access the BIOS by pressing the Delete key when prompted.

  Birt Ley 21:53 26 Dec 2006

I am spartacus

Have you any idea were I can find this " boot order" in this bios? Do I need any kind of disk in the drive to access this bios program /thing?

  I am Spartacus 21:59 26 Dec 2006

On my BIOS (Phoenix) it's under Andvanced BIOS Features and will have something like

First Boot Device - set this to CDROM
Second Boot Device - set this to HDD-0.

The system will reboot after you've saved the BIOS settings but you can put the Windows CD in the drive before this although it's not needed at this stage..

  Birt Ley 22:31 26 Dec 2006

Alright. I have started the computer a few times. I have kept my finger on the delete button but nothing happened.

I tried tapping the delete key and a blue screen came up. It said it was standard coms and it was blue. Is this were the boot key is?

Sorry for being a bit thick, techno wise and

thanks for the help so far.

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