Safe Mode Loop

  foxman318 19:40 30 Apr 2007

Yesterday the computer worked fine. Today when I switched on, the bootup goes into the Safe Mode screen. No matter which selection I make, the system makes a bit of effort (windows starting screen etc) and then promptly reboots itself and I end up back at the Safe Mode screen.

No changes have been made to the BIOS and the only new programmes loaded within the last day or two was Norton Internet Security 2007 and the 2nd Life Virtual Reality Client update, both worked fine.

A blue screen does flash up, but its to quick for me to read (how do you pause a blue screen mid flash????)

Any help in sorting this out is greatly appreciated.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:59 30 Apr 2007

Auto-reboot disable:
When Running windows and it crashes you will get a blue screen and it will automatically restart, often it will restart too fast for you to see the error message.
To disable auto restart on system failure, so you can see the error message.

1. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> System (Windows+Pause works, too)
2. Go to Advanced
3. Under the Startup and Recovery section, click Settings...
4. Under System Failure un-check "Automatically restart"

Post the error message for further help.

  foxman318 20:22 30 Apr 2007

Can't get to windows desk top Fruit Bat. From switch on and after a few seconds of hard drive noise, it goes straight to the safe mode screen. It then loops back to safe mode screen via a reboot no matter what option I use.


  foxman318 20:51 30 Apr 2007

any ideas anyone...?

  foxman318 15:35 01 May 2007

I tried using windows repair on the windows CD. It quickly looked at my hard drives and then told me to reboot. On rebooting, the following message was shown.

The following file is either corrupt or missing. Please re-install this file.

<windows root>system32\hal.dll

Could this be the reason for my PC stopping at the Safe Mode Screen and looping back to safe mode screen no matter what selection I make.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:46 01 May 2007

Ok so you cannot get into safe mode.

Hal.dll missing or corrupt click here

  anchor 15:59 01 May 2007

More info:

click here

  foxman318 16:31 01 May 2007

Thanks anchor & fruit bat. First time use of the Recovery Console....should be interesting.


  foxman318 09:29 02 May 2007

Recovery Console used and failed miserably.

I used the BOOTCFG /REBUILD command and the recovery said I had errors and should use CHKDSK to scan and recover before using the add or rebuild command. This I did and then ran the BOOTCFG /REBUILD command again. Nada....told me to run CHKDSK again, did the whole thing again to no avail.

In mild desperation I thought hang it, the system could do with a clean disk so I decided to do a complete re-install.

Now the spooky bit. I selected a clean installation of XP and decided to remove the partition in C, put back the partion and install using the NTFS quick format. Within minutes my system returned and all my icons and folders were there.....except all my stored data on the E Hard Drive. That had gone and was replaced with what looks like a windows system.

Im not sure what happened to cause a windows system to appear on another drive and remove the data that was already on it when I only repartitoned the C drive. The E drive is totally seperate.

I know there is about 8mb in a seperate partition on the C drive, does this have some form of a backup on it.

Any way, switched on again this morning, initial bootup, quick view of the windows logo followed by black screen and continuous sound of hard drive working nicely but getting nowhere.

Sounds like another re-install with a normal NTFS format this time. When Im asked to remove the partion in C, would it do any harm if I removed the 8mb partion as well. Not sure whether there is anything in this partion that is either helping or hindering me.

Thanks for any help.


  foxman318 13:30 03 May 2007

Just thought I would bump this once to see if I can get any final advice before I go for a re-install.


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