Safe to let other computers onto my network?

  YinHoNg 19:50 16 Sep 2004

I've set up a lan with a wireless router and i am thinkin about adding another computer on the network.

But i'm worried about the safety issues if there are any.

If a computer downloads a virus from the net, will it affect my whole network or just that one computer?

  Paranoid Android 20:28 16 Sep 2004

Anything that gets into one machine on a network can spread to the other machines. It all depends how good your defences are. In principle, the only problem of adding more machines is that it is more work to keep them all up-to-date.

You need to make sure that each machine is properly AV protected and sits behind a firewall. On average, an unprotected machine connected to the internet will be compromised within an hour.

Since you have chosen a wireless option, you also need to protect against unwanted hot spots.



  YinHoNg 00:44 17 Sep 2004

And what measures will i have to take to ensure that my network will be safe? THe thing is that i'm thinkin of bringing my uncle's laptop into my network, but he knows NOTHING about internet and computers so i'm afraid about the sercurities. I dont want the hassle of having to do loads of updates all the time.

  Paranoid Android 02:39 18 Sep 2004

If I understand you correctly, you are concerned that your uncle's laptop may already be compromised. If that turns out to be the case, and you don't want to take the time to check it, then you run the risk of spreading viruses across your network. Having up to date antivirus on all the other machines will help, but it's definitely a weakness.

Your best bet would be to set up antivirus on his laptop and set it to check for updates automatically so he doesn't have to do anything. That will at least give you reasonable confidence.


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