safe it

  karmgord 19:58 14 Nov 2006

when i try to load safe-it off the cover cd it says it can't contact server and offers to retry searching (which also fails) or load the 30 day trial which loads and works. anyone else had problems loading the full version how else can i activate?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:16 14 Nov 2006

Try waiting a few days til the PCA mag hits the shops, the site may be up and runnig then.

  RickyC :-) 10:32 15 Nov 2006

karmgord - I'm looking into this and will post a response on this thread as soon as I've heard back from the developers.

thanks for your patience,

Cover Disc Editor

  underworldmagic 12:11 20 Nov 2006

have there been any developments regardig this matter?


  RickyC :-) 12:29 20 Nov 2006

The registration problem has now been resolved. I tested this again today and immediately received the email from Safe IT containing my registration information.

When you receive the email, copy and paste the information contained therein, into the prepared spaces, as explained in the email.

Please contact me directly if you continue to have problems with the registration process.


Cover Disc Editor

  underworldmagic 11:07 21 Nov 2006

Thanks it has worked,

But one small problem, once registered and i load the program again, there is a window which says "Your subscription of SafeIT has expired" and the options given are renew now, renew later, or enter licence key. when i click enter licence key and then next my original licence information is given and i have to click OK with my reg code, name, email etc again.

just abit of a pain, but i have to do this everytime i load the program.

you having same problem?

  karmgord 22:08 21 Nov 2006

ditto underworldmagic got email which loads program yet every new opening it says subscription expired,strangely it does n't do this on another pc instalation where it works fine,any ideas how to resolve this minor irritation?

  Simsy 22:37 21 Nov 2006

but the problem disappeared...

I was messing with my system and subsequently needed to restore a drive image fom just before I'd installed SafeIT... which obviously meant I had to re-install it...

No problems this time.

Obviously I've no idea what the difference in installations is/was, but given my experience perhaps a reinstall might solve it for you!

Good luck,



  underworldmagic 11:12 22 Nov 2006

Just a minor irritation, i think i can live with it, just a few more clicks to get the program started :-)

Just a quick question, how much passes do you really need to do before the information on the drive is unrecoverable?

There seem to be many options from 1 pass all the way to 35 passes.

i tried 35 passes and it said 3 hours remaining!!!

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