Safe free games wanted pls...

  nick_j007 21:12 14 Oct 2006

Hello all.

I'm looking for some free games on the 'net that I can safely run on my PC that won't leave a load residue in terms of spyware etc.

Games that are OK for my 7 yr. old and me (dad) that can be played immediately and are probably of an arcade nature.

Stuff on looks good, but I am loathed to down load it all as I am not confident what it will do to my PC.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  wolfie3000 21:20 14 Oct 2006

Are you after flash games that can be played in your browser or games that need downloading?

  nick_j007 21:26 14 Oct 2006

Probably flash thanks, but downloadables would be fine too!


  wolfie3000 21:29 14 Oct 2006

For some cool flash games try these sites.

click here

click here

click here

You might want to check a few of the games to see if there suitable for the young'un.

  wolfie3000 21:36 14 Oct 2006

For downloadable games try these.

click here

click here (NOT FOR KIDS)

click here

click here (NOT FOR KIDS)

I hope this helps.

  nick_j007 21:41 14 Oct 2006

Loads took at there.

Much appreciated thank you wolfie3000


  skidzy 21:42 14 Oct 2006

My kids love this,(Runescape) you can play online for free or join for more features @£3.50 a month click here

  wolfie3000 21:43 14 Oct 2006

I hope your family enjoy the games. :)

  KPC 21:49 14 Oct 2006

look nowhere else but here

click here

  nick_j007 21:55 14 Oct 2006

Many thanks all.



  GEEKSTA 21:59 14 Oct 2006

type in never bored in google and its the first hint. its a great site.

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