Safe Cleaning of Hard Disk

  Bagsey 09:04 31 Jan 2006

As it is acknowldged by the police that a Format of the hard disk in computers is not sufficient to prevent hackers from getting at data on second hand machines and using it to steal indentities etc. Apparently there is some software to give the HD a very thorough wipe. Does anyone know what this software is and is it expensive. I tend to think that taking out the HD and giving it a few good clouts with a big hammer is probably more effective. Opinions and ideas would be welcomed.

  Stuartli 09:17 31 Jan 2006

Plenty from these links:

click here

  goonerbill © ® 09:19 31 Jan 2006

if you go into the downloads section on this site, there are a number of programs that can completely wipe a hard drive, heres one i found after just looking for 20 seconds click here

there are many programs/utilities that can wipe a hard drive completely, just do a search on the web.

  Forum Editor 09:20 31 Jan 2006

I have never come across (or heard of) a single instance of a 'hacker' stealing an identity by accessing erased data on the hard drive of a second-hand computer. In any case, it's bad practice to keep such sensitive information on your drive - I wouldn't dream of doing it.

If you're really worried about it, and have plenty of spare time you could fill the drive with random and meaningless data files. This has the effect of overwriting anything that's been there previously. If you want to do the same job quickly and easily, and don't mind spending $40 on software click here

  Bagsey 09:52 31 Jan 2006

Thanks every one for speedy replies. FE like you I have never heard of this indentity theft from second hand computers but read this. click here Second Hand Computers a boon for crooks. It is certainly food for thought.

  Monument 10:03 31 Jan 2006

Your link only goes to BT Yahoo log in window

  jack 10:22 31 Jan 2006

Certainly one has read from time to time of used drives delivering up information that should have been wiped
I have a selection of old 2Gig drives that I swap in and out of a caddy as a means of storage.
These drives came to me in a box of junk that I picked over to discard unusables and keepables.
2 of the drives carried Win95 and Military training manuals??

I have heard it said and am quite prepared to accept that the safest way to ensure data sercurity in outgoing drives is a 'club hammer'

  countryboy 10:26 31 Jan 2006

I would agree that the only way to ensure that a third party cannot access info on you hard drive is to take it out of the computer and use a hammer on it.

  Bagsey 10:28 31 Jan 2006

Thats correct. The article is one of the news items on that page. Click on "Second Hand Computers a boon for crooks"

  Monument 10:30 31 Jan 2006

Yes but I do not have a BT Yahoo username or password so I can'y get past the log in screen!

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