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  skidzy 20:21 25 Mar 2007

Over the past couple of years ive visited friends and family preparing there computers for safe surfing and general housekeeping of there computer,not to mention friends of there friends.

Here I have compiled a list of (in my opinion) probably the best and safest programs to use.These updated regularly will protect and maintain most computers.

Obviously,safe and careful surfing will reduce the visits of nasty viruses and malware/spyware.

All the below programs are free:


AVG Free click here
Avast Free click here

One of the above coupled with a decent software Firewall.


Zonealarm click here
Comodo click here
Kerio click here

Remember,only one Antivirus and one Firewall to one Computer.
Do not highlight your risk to conflicts by trying to use more than one Antivirus and firewall.

Now we have the AV and Firewall protecting you,lets move on to stopping the Malware/Spyware slowing the computer or even redirecting you to those nasty locations.


Defender click here
AVGAS click here
Spywareblaster click here
Spywareterminator click here with realtime protection.
Superantispy click here
Asquared click here

Now lets cleanup the computer of those tracking cookies and possible adware and search engines that may redirect your browser.

Spybot Search and Destroy click here
Adaware click here
Cwshredder click here

To clean your temp files/cookies and tidy those obsolete registry paths after removal of various software.

Registry Mechanic (very good but not free) click here
Ccleaner click here
click here
Cleanup click here

Some are unaware of an alternative browser than Internet Explorer,here are a couple more-with my favourite Firefox.


Internet explorer 7 click here
Firefox 2
click here
click here
Netscape click here

This is basic list of essentials to most online computer users,and by no means need them all.
However to maintain those family/single user computers-I believe some of these are a must.
I hope this helps those who are unaware of the programs available for free.
No doubt this will be added to by the forum members,there are a lot more helpful programs out there,but most of the time ….not needed.

As a final contribution to this,if you feel you are infected with Malware/Spyware or possibly a Virus or Trojan resulting in a slow or unresponsive computer…please download:

HIJACKTHIS click here

Run this and post the scan log

Malwareremoval click here

And let the experts advise you accordingly,please be patient-you will get a reply and help in due course.

NB: obviously no program is foolproof,but these are the best around at this time.

Hope this information comes in useful for some.

  SB23 20:27 25 Mar 2007

Thanks skidzy, always handy to have in "your postings".


  Jim Thing 20:31 25 Mar 2007

Noted. Useful list. Many thanks

  tonyx1302 20:46 25 Mar 2007

I have been a forum member for a few years and have downloaded most free progs when recommended by trusted named forum members. I now have a vast cache of A/V , Antispyware, Spybots,Reg Cleaners etc.etc.etc............!
Would you say that just one from each of your sections is ample cover ? If so, I could dump about 10/12 free progs that I run as and when the mood takes me.
My pc... XP Home with B/B.. usage is very basic...wordprocessing,emails and Internet and I do not us for games or music d/loads etc.
Your opinions would be appreciated

With thanks


  skidzy 20:55 25 Mar 2007

Basics needed (in my opinion)

One Antivirus and Firewall



Firefox and IE7

These will look after most computers,though do remember some programs find things others do not.

  tonyx1302 21:30 25 Mar 2007

Many thanks skidzy. Will take up your suggestions for a trial period


  Jim Thing 22:24 25 Mar 2007

I hear distant cries of "Who needs all that junk?" Methinks the mighty Gandalf doth approach in haste. Probably.

(Exit Jim, running for cover)

  skidzy 22:32 25 Mar 2007

As i say "in my opinion"
Just friendly advice....

Im sure Gandalf has plenty of surfing experience,not like some out there.

Only to often we get threads stating two AV'S or no protection/no antispware etc.Hopefully some of those will pick up this thread and reconsider there approach to srfing the net.

In my book.......some protection is better than none,if you do not want a virus-protect yourself :-)

  Jim Thing 22:41 25 Mar 2007

...and much appreciated, as I wrote earlier.

My 22:24 posting was meant as a good-natured dig at Gandalf's view that most of these programs are unnecessary provided that one uses common sense.


  skidzy 22:49 25 Mar 2007

Sorry jim,i did understand your post....think we are tempting G into the thread now :-))

My apologies,it was not meant as a dig towards you.

  Jim Thing 22:52 25 Mar 2007

No problem, Skidzy.

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