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  Ray5776 19:31 24 Feb 2006

Hello everyone,
Have been using Win 2000 pro for a few years and have been happy with it. Now bought my son a new PC running XP and having used it I thing it is time for me to move on.
I am using a Pent4/2g and have it set up so that both 80g hard drives can be removed easily via caddies.
One HD has Win2000 O/S and all my programs and personal stuff. The other HD has XP pro on it and little else.
When I had both of these installed as internal drives I booted from the XP O/S which worked OK but I could never get the Win 2000 to work again, had to re-install OS and lost all my stuff.
I dont want to make the same mistake again so wellcome your help.


  quack 19:36 24 Feb 2006

Use a programme such as Boot Magic to set up dual boot system

  Ray5776 19:50 24 Feb 2006

Sorry unclear posting by me, what I meant was if I boot up using the XP drive will it change things so that the W2000 drive will no longer work.


  Ray5776 21:06 24 Feb 2006


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:22 24 Feb 2006

Use one drive at a time in the caddie set as MAster on the primary IDE channel.

With of course the correct drivers for your mother board and equipment.

It will be like having 2 computers 1 running 2000 and the other XP.

  Ray5776 22:47 24 Feb 2006

thanks Fruit Bat,
I have 2 caddies one set as master on primary IDE channel & one set as master on secondary IDE channel. If I take out the present W2000 HD (So nothing can touch it) then put the XP one in the other secondary channel master caddy and boot it up can it do anthing to settings,registry,bios or whatever so that when I put in the original W2000 it will not work?
I would be more than happy to have a dual boot sytem using one disk and using the other as a back up
as long as they dont interfere with each other.

I dont know how to set up a dual boot sytem. My concern at the moment is that if I boot up from the XP and try it out when I try to use the W2000
it will not work again.

  Ray5776 23:11 24 Feb 2006

A bit more information. I had w2000 disk installed as main internal HD "C Drive"
Put XP HD in caddy and booted from that, worked fine.
Shut down and removed XP HD from the caddy, when I tried to reboot using original internal HD W2000 as I had allways done it would not work, had to clean reinstall 2000 and lost all my progs & data.Hence my reluctance to do it again.


  Forum Editor 00:33 25 Feb 2006

set the XP drive as master on primary IDE and then set the Win 2000 drive as the slave on the same channel?

That way you'll be able to play around with XP, and access all your data files on the Win 2000 drive. If you decide you want to revert to Win 2000 (which I doubt will be the case) you can simply reset the drive as master and carry on as before.

  DieSse 00:59 25 Feb 2006

Ihave a similar set up - two caddy holders, and all my drives in caddies.

Set ALL the drives to "Cable Select" - then one caddy holder (the one at the end of the cable) will ALWAYS be the Master drive - and the other caddy holder will ALWAYS be the Slave drive. You put the drives into the appropriate slot depending on which one you want to be the master.

  DieSse 01:00 25 Feb 2006

PS - I should have added that it means never having to change drive jumpers again!

  Ray5776 12:16 25 Feb 2006

Thanks FE and DieSse,

have put both drives on primary IDE and now works
Tried using cable select but 2nd drive would not show as present in BIOS and PC would not boot at all.
Can swap O/Ss by changing the boot sequence but curious as to what went wrong with the cable select set up.


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