Sad or what!!!

  Legolas 18:58 11 Jan 2003
  Legolas 18:58 11 Jan 2003

As some of the regulars here may know due to circumstances I was off line for the last 4 months
The problem is that now I am back on-line I find I am even more addicted to not only this site but to the Internet in general, since I went back on line I have been on constantly so much so that when I go out into the light I have to wear dark specs I mean has Christmas been yet is it 2003 have we invaded Iraq, isd there a world outside the virtual one I THINK NOT. So you see my problem sad or what?

  « Ravin » 19:02 11 Jan 2003

not really :O))

  rmn 19:05 11 Jan 2003

may i suggest alcohol as an alternative?if you drink enough of it you will fall of the chair and wont be able to see your pc.also in the morning your head will ache so much that you wont be able to watch the monitor.its a bit drastic but it works for me. good luck with your obsession darren

  Legolas 19:07 11 Jan 2003

Alas, foiled again I dont drink I gave that up 11 years ago.

  alB 19:11 11 Jan 2003

Buy a laptop and go sit in the park..:)

  Legolas 19:18 11 Jan 2003

alB I really fancy a Laptop you dont happen to have a high spec top of the range one going cheap do you?

  rmn 19:22 11 Jan 2003

11 years thats brilliant i cant even give it up for lent

  worf 19:23 11 Jan 2003

Got the same problem Legolas but got myself a big black cape and some big teeth!

  VoG™ 19:24 11 Jan 2003

I've cured my addiction; I'm very rarely here these days (!)

  worf 19:24 11 Jan 2003

Good to see you back anyway m8

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