A 'Sacrificial' PC for downloading music

  Graham ® 10:39 15 Apr 2005

A friend wants to download music from wherever, but the PC is the wife's, and she won't let him after an earlier attempt caused a problem.

How much would it cost for a PC of his own, using the existing broadband connection and modem? The thinking is, if this gets infected, it can simply be formatted and the OS re-installed. It only need be '98, which is easy to do.

  Yoda Knight 10:46 15 Apr 2005

Look in your local "Ad Trader" - If thats all you want it for, even a Pentium 166mhz could do it.

  Yoda Knight 10:54 15 Apr 2005

I would go for sumthing a bit more powerfull though, you should be able to get a decent 2nd hand pc for under a £100

  octal 10:55 15 Apr 2005

If he does get a seperate machine he wants to stick a copy of Linux on it, you can get a free copy off some of the mags, I've got a free copy of Yoper and Xandros open circulation off Linux User. Its less likely to get messed up by things you download, even if it does, it'll only take half hour to reinstall it.

  Yoda Knight 11:22 15 Apr 2005

Easier still would be to make a ghost image once its working to your liking

  TomJerry 11:28 15 Apr 2005

Dimension 3000 and 15" TFT £234 inc. VAT/Delivery

Intel Celeron D 2.66GHz Processor (533 FSB)


80GB Hard Drive

48x CDRW Drive

15" TFT Flat Panel Monitor

Windows XP

Dell 720 Printer

good for most jobs

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  Graham ® 12:56 15 Apr 2005

Thanks for the suggestions so far. I'm strangely drawn to crx1600's idea, but with a separate hard drive, either as a slave or an external one.

If I put '98, say, on such a drive, would one get the choice of which OS to boot into?

  Al94 13:22 15 Apr 2005

I may be wrong but am under the impression that you cannot boot into an operating system on for example an external USB hard drive as it needs windows to recognise it?

  Yoda Knight 13:31 15 Apr 2005

correct, unless you possibly have a small batch file on the fixed disk that loads drivers for it and then continues to load windows. dont know if this exists, but seen it done with network cards

  tenplus1 13:44 15 Apr 2005

You could probably put a new low-spec system together for less than £200, although if it's infection you're worried about why not go an alternative route and install a virus killer, spyware protector and firewall ? a lot cheaper since they're all FREE...

Virus: Avast! Antivirus
Spyware: Spyware - Search & Destroy 1.4 RC
Firewall: Sygate Personal Firewall

  Al94 15:07 15 Apr 2005

I agree tenplus1, thats the best and cheapest way. I would then add an external hard drive to wife's PC, store music files there to keep them off wife's pc so you got a portable collection, take it round to a m8's house,connect to his pc, grab a few beers and enjoy!

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