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  Base Delta Zero 16:14 15 May 2005

Do those adapters that supposedly allow you to use a tualatin pentium III on a normal 133mhz motherboard actually work? I have a fujitsu d1184, and have heard that the tualatin is much more powerful than the coppermine, so i am considering upgrading.

  DieSse 16:55 15 May 2005

More connectors generally = more chance of a problem.

But as the processors you are talking about are all obsolescent, and out of production, why not look at replacing the motherboard etc, for a nwere and much faster processor - otherwise I doubt you will even notice the difference, even if you can get the parts.

  Stuartli 17:51 15 May 2005

Remember the hard drive jumpers....:-)

That's what they are for - a Socket 370 adapter to take a Coppermine/Tualatin CPU. The problem is, as you may recall, is that only three of the jumpers are supplied (as per spec) but six are required for the Coppermine.

Base Delta Zero

You can get such an adapter; I recalled seeing them a few years ago and had a hunt on Google. I got one recently via e-Bay from the States, but there are similar offers from Hong Kong.

They are from 98p to £1.99 plus p and p and take about a week to arrive on your doorstep.

Links include:

click here and

click here

I know the first link to be reliable as it was the source for my adapter; e-mail enquiries were answered quite quickly.

  Stuartli 17:53 15 May 2005

Top Tualatine Pentium3 CPUs are 1.4GHz so DieSse's suggestion of a new motherboard may prove more useful in the long run.

  Stuartli 17:59 15 May 2005

Re the CPUs and parts that DieSse mentions - e-Bay is chock a block with them if you are looking to add items such as a faster CPU to your current board.

My own Elite P6BXT-A+ is six years old, was the first Slot1/Socket370 mobo to be produced and has never missed a beat during constant use with both Slot1 and Socket370 CPUs.

The reason I got the adapter was due to the fact that I bought a Pentium3 Socket370 866MHz (£9.99) on e-Bay and only realised afterwards I couldn't use it without the help of such an adapter.

  Base Delta Zero 21:13 15 May 2005


this is more of a little project though really. I just want to see how much power i can get from a pentium III setup.

I already have a fast enough pc for most purposes, as in this one, 3.06ghz. So i wont upgrade until longhorn has come out, and these dual core processors are around

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