s-video to VGA adaptor

  fred 21:40 30 May 2003

I need to use a device with a (to be new) laptop thet requires a serial and VGA connection.

Most new, high spec, laptops seem to come with an s-video output rather than a VGA.

Could anyone please let me know where I could find an s-video to VGA adaptor, if such a beast exists?

My very amateur attempts at searching have failed to find the item.

Thanks in anticipation.

  eccomputers 22:19 30 May 2003

actually most laptops come with an external monitor (vga) port on them.

  fred 22:31 30 May 2003

I've just spent most of the afternoon looking for one with both ports. Most, if not all had serial ports but all the higher spec ones seem to have ditched the VGA in favour of s-video together with losing the FDD. This , at least, can be remedied at some cost by buying a USB FDD.

  Pauper 22:33 30 May 2003

Or alternatively it may have a newer dvi out put for which you will need one of these to convert to vga click here (these work - got one myself). But if you do have to go from s-video to vga then the only option I could find is click here but at £82 it is not cheap.

  fred 22:45 30 May 2003

Thanks. First link: Thanks for the suggestion but definately s-video to VGA.
second link --OUCH. Even then unsure if it will accepr s-video input. Will investigate as soon as I can.

Thanks again

  Pauper 22:48 30 May 2003

Fred, check the table:

Inputs: 1 x RCA composite video 1V.p.p. 75ohms, 1 x S-VIDEO (Y/C) 4pin Din

Output: 1 x VGA (640x480) 15 pin D.


  fred 23:11 30 May 2003

Thanks. Will look closer next time. The link does not seem so work at the moment. Will try again tomorrow.

If anyone has any other suggestions please advise.

  fred 23:12 30 May 2003

so = to ooops!

  fred 13:32 31 May 2003

It certainly looks as if it will do the job. Thanks. I will leave this open for a little while just in case anyone comes up with a cheaper solution.

  fred 18:28 02 Jun 2003

Looks as if I have to get the moths out of the wallet. :-(

Thanks again.

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