s-video not working

  djbenny 19:13 07 Aug 2007

i have a ge-force go 7600 in a toshiba sat pro P100

i cant get the s-video port to be used.

  holme 21:03 07 Aug 2007

Can you give more information? What are you connecting to the S-video port? What connecting lead are you using? Have you enabled the S-video port? What are the symptoms? What alternative actions have you taken to try to get it working?

  djbenny 10:44 09 Aug 2007

i cant find an option to turn the s-video on, and its a cable going to tv with scart on the other end.

i've used it before on my old pc.

  €dstowe 11:16 09 Aug 2007

Have you used that cable before for S-video? Quite often SCART connectors don't have the S-video pins wired up, just the RCA.

  holme 11:38 09 Aug 2007

Thanks for the info. Many Toshiba Satellites need the S-video port to be enabled (key on keyboard) but I've checked the spec for your Sat Pro P100 and, like you, cannot find a reference to it, so maybe it's not required.

I presume from what you said that you're using an S-video/SCART adaptor at the TV end. If so, make sure it's an IN variant, not OUT. Or if the switchable type, double-check that it's switched to IN (easily missed!).

Can you try another SCART socket on the TV? Even if it's not S-video enabled, you should still get a monochrome display (no colour). That'll help pin down whether it's a prob at the TV end.

Try reversing the S-video cable (I once had one with a dodgy contact that, for some reason, would work only in one direction).

HTH and good luck, I'm running out of ideas...

  sean-278262 13:01 09 Aug 2007

I had a similar problem and found that the scart block that was a separate part required a small switch to be flicked from output to input.

  djbenny 13:29 14 Aug 2007

there is no switch, does it have to plugged in and on for it to work (to the tv)

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