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  andycoull 11:38 19 Oct 2011

I am trying to establish what I need.

At the moment, I have a fairly powerful desktop which has a drive big enough to store all our files (Music / Pics / videos / Data files etc). The desk top is hooked up to our home network.

I need 2 devices that are .....

  • very portable
  • able to access the internet via wireless
  • able to access the files on the desk top (via home wireless network). These files will tend to be fairly basic "Office" files

I have a budget of £550 max. What would you recommend ?

Thanks in advance....

  gengiscant 11:49 19 Oct 2011

Interesting post title.

  lotvic 12:21 19 Oct 2011

Is this today's trick question?

Notebooks/Laptops do what you want.

  andycoull 13:06 19 Oct 2011

Re Title - tried to cut and paste and it went wrong. Can't find a way to edit post title ?

One answer was - "Notebooks/Laptops do what you want." but surely there is a bit more to it than that. Will a notebook be able to handle the excel & word files ? Will the operating system be able to link to the desktop ?

  wiz-king 13:17 19 Oct 2011

  lotvic 13:25 19 Oct 2011

Yes, but you would have to look at the specs of each Notebook/Laptop.

and yes. Can't see why not.

This thread would be better in the Networking Forum section if you want help with Home Network http://www.techadvisor.co.uk/forums/18/networking/

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