Runtime error problem

  johndewolf 18:16 29 Jul 2006

Encountered recent problem when using internet and want to open new page on web site in use. Have started getting error message "A runtime error has occured.Do you wish to debug.l
Line 26
Error. Unspecified error
Yes / No"
When I click on "yes" (to debug, I thought)another box opens "Please select possible debugger. New instance of Microsoft script error.Set the currently selecteddebugger as default. Do you want to debug using the selected debugger?"
I click yes and another box appears "step into remote procedure call. Choose the program types you want to debug script". Clicked OK and got yet another box "Microsoft visual studio. Debugger. Unspecified error. There is an option to Break/continue/help. I clicked continue and "Microsoft visual studio debugger" reappears with same options Break/continue/help.Tried help but didnt mean a thing to me. If "Break" clicked, the box opened asking "do you want to stop debugging now?" Clicking no doesnt seem to do anything so should I click on continue even though nothing seems to be happening? I am getting totally debuggered off. Help appreciated

  Gongoozler 18:58 29 Jul 2006

Does this only happen on one site? The message refers to a programming error, and often is an error on the site. The debugger is a programmers tool.

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