Runtime error 76

  JohnC123 21:38 12 Aug 2005

Does anyone know how to remove runtime error 76 ? I have a Packard Bell laptop and am trying to install its users guide (Packard-Bell info centre) I get "runtime error 76 - path not found" each time I try it. I looked in google and it tells me to uninstall and reinstall the application, however, when I try to uninstall it says it can't because it can't find the path to the files. Any help will be appreciated, Thanks.

  Eric10 22:15 12 Aug 2005

I assume you are installing from CD. If so, try copying the install folder/files to the hard drive and installing from there.

  JohnC123 06:51 13 Aug 2005

No I'm not copying from CD, I'm trying to install from the oringinal stuff thats in the laptop when you buy iy. The laptop is only 3 months old. I had the user manual working but lost it and now whenever I try to restore it I get this runtime error thing - PB forum says to uninstall and start again but when I try to uninstall it tells me it can't find the files or path !

  octal 08:21 13 Aug 2005

Do you remember what you were doing when you lost it? It sounds like the path to the files has got lost somehow. Is the operating system pre-installed with something like Windows XP? If so have you carried out a factory restore which could have removed the user guide files? You should have a disk which has all the Parkard Bell specific programs and files so that they can be re-installed.

Sorry about all the questions, but if it was working and it's not now you must have done something to cause it.

Have you tried the help desk from were you bought the lappy from? I had a problem with a friends PB brand new computer bought from the Dixon's group, when I phoned them and explained the problem and that I had a fair knowledge of computers he talked me through getting it working in less than ten minutes, and that's with me knowing nothing about Windows XP.

  JohnC123 10:23 13 Aug 2005

Octal - thanks for your suggestion, I'll try phoning PC world where I bought it.

  JohnC123 10:49 13 Aug 2005

PC World and their support system were no further help. They suggested smart restore etc all of which I already tried.

  ACOLYTE 10:59 13 Aug 2005

Did you take out and warrenty? i assume you did and if its only 3 months old get on to pcworld and get them to mend it.

  octal 13:37 13 Aug 2005

If you do send it back to PC world as ACOLYTE suggests, make sure you've backed up all your important data, chances are they'll lose it all for you if you don't.

  JohnC123 13:48 13 Aug 2005

Thanks for the advice - I'll give it a few more goes at trying to resolve it before I take it back - but it may come to that eventually. There is a facility to turn it back to how it was when it was brand new - I may try that as a last resort but I'm reluctant to do so as I have installed programs etc since then.

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