Runtime error

  moby58 10:14 23 Oct 2007

When I open a certain website,it loads,then "runtime error" appears,causing site to close.My second attempt is always ok.Ive got windows vista/laptop.avg anti virus.Its only been happening in the last week on that website.No other problems with anything else.Ive contacted their support,but theyve asked me to send a screen shot with complicated instructions,which I find confusing!Any ideas/help?thanks

  birdface 10:44 23 Oct 2007

If using Firefox.Try tools.And press error Console.I don.t suppose that your ISP is Virgin.

  moby58 09:33 24 Oct 2007

havent got firefox,and yes my broadband is virgin..why?!thanks

  birdface 09:58 24 Oct 2007

I am with virgin.And have that problem with a few websites.In the last couple of weeks their Home Page has been stretched if you use the address bar you have to move the screen over to press the search button.So I don't know if that is part of the problem.If it is the same website that gives you bother you could try, Tools Internet Options.Privacy.Sites.Print the Web address that you want to keep.And press allow.This does not always work but worth a try.Do you keep the website on your favorites and start it from there.If not worth a try.

  moby58 10:06 24 Oct 2007

Thanks for the Info-shall give your suggestions a try.

  birdface 10:08 24 Oct 2007

If you want to post the web
address that you are trying to access on here.I can give it a try and see if I am getting the same problem.Mind you I had the same problem a couple of days ago.I could not access the Virgin Home Page.I ended up deleting my Firewall.Going back from IE7 to IE6 and it made no difference.Ended up switching my computer off at the main, left it overnight,And lo and behold typed in the Virgin Home page address and it came up straight away.If you run C Cleaner make sure that you have the cookie for that web page on the right hand side,Or it will be deleted every time you run C Cleaner.

  moby58 18:50 15 Dec 2007

still occuring when i get messages from this website...any other ideas anyone...ive seen lots of runtime error "fixes" to download,but am sceptical to download soon as a message comes through "runtime error "comes up,and site closes down..Help!

  birdface 11:15 17 Dec 2007

If it still works the second time .When it does work go to View.Web page privacy policy.Make sure everything to do with that site that you are on is accepted and nothing is disabled.Try this with any site that you are having problems with.see if that helps.Other posabilities are that your firewall may be stopping you entering . Or maybe one of your add ons.Disable one of your add-ons at a time and if no difference enable them again.Go through them all and see if any of them are interfering with your browsing. Or try Tools.Internet Options.Advanced.And press restore advanced settings.

  birdface 11:50 17 Dec 2007

Hi.Can you post the website that you are having problems with.Obvious if it is maybe your bank or something like that we will understand if you cannot post it.Just a thought you are not using Kaspersky are you.If not what firewall.If only one particular website it is probably Firewall related.

  birdface 11:53 17 Dec 2007

I don't suppose it gives you an error number when it closes.

  moby58 20:43 19 Dec 2007

it appears to have corrected itself!no problems at moment,and thanks very much for all your help...appreciated!cheers

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