Running Windows Xp and Windows 98

  livewire 12:29 22 Feb 2004

I curretnly run Windows XP on a FAT 32 file system. I upgraded my machine from Windows 98, now my younger brother and sister are starting to play my old Windows 98 games I find most of them fail to work on XP. I was wondering if it would be possible to dual boot and choose Between XP and 98 when the computer starts without losing any data?

Drive C- 14.2mb Free (28.6 total) (XP)
Drive E- 4.45mb free (19.1 total)

I was thinking perhaps Windows 98 could go on Drive E? Even though it has limited space, could I still install the games on drive C and run them off drive E with 98 installed? Does anyone know how much 98 takes up?

I really would like to try having the two operating systems, just as something different to try!

Thanks for your help!

  mgmcc 12:44 22 Feb 2004

Can the older games not be run in XP's compatibility mode for 98?

You can dual boot with 98 and XP, but normally 98 must be installed in the PC first and then XP. Windows 98 doesn't support multiple operating systems so, if you install it after XP, it won't recognise XP and you will only be able to boot 98.

Installing XP second will recognise an existing operating system and create the necessary boot menu to select 98 or XP.

You *may* be able to get around this with a third party application such as "Boot Magic" which is supplied with PowerQuest's "Partition Magic".

  Diodorus Siculus 12:45 22 Feb 2004

The easiest way is to install Win98 first of all, then do an advanced install of XP.

  livewire 12:47 22 Feb 2004

Thanks for your feedback,

Could i not go into windows 98 setup and select E:\Windows 98 as the directory to install 98 while keeping Windows XP on C:\?

  Paranoid Android 13:00 22 Feb 2004

The basics of what you want to do is possible - i.e. dual booting with Windows XP and Windows 98 - but the way you want to do it could cause problems.

Firstly you will have difficulty if the drive you install to is not empty.
Futher problems would arise if you try to use your Windows XP (c:) drive as a data storage area for applications running under Windows 98. It would all end in tears.

You would be better advised to get a new drive (or partition to create a new drive letter), then install Windows 98 to it (instructions available on request).

Before you start, your windows 98 apps should be uninstalled from Windows XP to free up the space.
Then they should be re-installed on the new drive under Windows 98.


  livewire 13:04 22 Feb 2004

Thanks Marvin!

Partioning, is that possible without losing data? Can I create a new drive letter on drive E without losing data?

Many Thanks!

  Paranoid Android 13:09 22 Feb 2004

BTW as mgmcc said you must normally install Windows 98 FIRST, then Windows XP, because Windows 98 cannot dual-boot. There are ways around this though, such as by using a 3rd party boot manager like Bootmagic.


  Paranoid Android 13:11 22 Feb 2004

Oh one more thing - I had the same problem a year or so back, and most of my games had windows 2000/XP patches available from the various gamers websites. This alternative route might save you some trouble.


  Paranoid Android 13:14 22 Feb 2004

Sorry, coming back to your last question - you must use a reputable third party partitioning application such as PartitionMagic (which has Bootmagic bundled). If you try to do it in DOS or windows you WILL lose all your data.


  livewire 13:16 22 Feb 2004

Ok Thanks for your help!

I will look for various patches on the net for my games, I think I will leave the Dual boot idea well alone....

Again Many thanks!

  Paranoid Android 13:18 22 Feb 2004

If you post the names of the games we might be able to narrow down the search.


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