running two anti-virus programmes?

  JiM-BoB27 18:08 21 Jul 2004

is it possible for me to have panda titanium antivirus 2004 and avg 6.0 at the same time? is this possible or will my pc get 'confused'?

  bremner 18:19 21 Jul 2004

Possibly possible but not at all advisable.

  johnnyrocker 18:21 21 Jul 2004


  Belatucadrus 19:23 21 Jul 2004

For 'confused' read 'try to commit suicide', when AV progs clash, and more often than not they will, the consequences can be highly undesirable.

  Dan the Confused 19:27 21 Jul 2004

I know all about being confused and agree with the above - don't do it.

  Dorsai 19:41 21 Jul 2004

All that i have ever heard suggests that this is a very bad idea. They will at best stop each other working properly, and at worst FUBAR.

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