running "thorough" scan disc

  end 11:35 10 May 2004

have Win 98 se. need to run scan disc in "thorough" mode ; have large "memory" to scan , therefore takes a long time; wil it "work" if I close any other programs running, or will that affect the result OF the scan; the scan in thorough mode can take up to 3 hours to run and I would like to get it done somewhat faster than that. if I close programs; which ones should i keep OPEN to enable the thing to run? thanks...

  sil_ver 11:51 10 May 2004

By 'large memory' do you mean large drive. If so, you might consider partitioning the drive, then it won't take so long to scan. I suggest you run in 'safe mode' so that nothing is running that doesn't need too. It will still take a while though.

  end 12:02 10 May 2004

ok; so how do I put it into "safe mode"??

  VoG II 12:57 10 May 2004

Restart and keep tapping the F8 key just before the Windows screen loads. Select Safe Mode from the menu that should appear.

  end 10:52 15 May 2004

which is the scan disc "programe name" to leave ON "running tasks" if I do this with full system up and running. and how long should the scan actually TAKE..have Authentic AMD 512MB of Ram; file system of 32 bit ( can t yet locate just what "size "inside" this thing I but I know it is large. ).
If I go into "safe mode" how do I get OUT of it ( never been there apart from "by acident" (scary!!!)and is ti easy to open scan disc while there?? ( one very young "novice")....I want to be able to run it more frequently than I do but it takes so long at present.......up to 3 hours as large memory and things..... (dont know where to look for actuall size of "innards")....

  VoG II 10:59 15 May 2004

Yes it is easy to run scandisk in safe mode. To get out of safe mode you just restart your computer and it will start in normal mode.

To find out just what you have got inside the beastie download this click here

  end 21:15 15 May 2004

tried running "thorough" in main system , having shut down all "open " programs bar the explorer and the scan disc. the thing still said I "had programs running ", despite having shut everthing there was TO shut....and it stopped the scan disc to tell me that....what mroe CAN I shut down except the explorer itself???? and surely I NEED explorer "open"...or DO I????( am "fighting shy" of going into "safe" mode!!!)....

  VoG II 21:19 15 May 2004

You must leave Explorer and Systray running. All the rest can be disabled.

You can use Enditall click here to shut unwanted items down.

However, Safe Mode is a better option, in my opinion.

  stalion 21:23 15 May 2004

don't worry about going in to safe mode it is exactly what it says.Regards

  Night Ryder 21:23 15 May 2004

When I was using Windows 98 se I often had the problem that the scandisk program would just re cycle endlessly. Like yourself I closed every program I could, listed in task manager to no avail. I created a dos disk and ran scandisk from this. This seemed to be the only way I could get scandisk to complete. Running a full scan however will take a consideral amount of time depending on the size of your hard drive/s.
You will have to create a DOS system disk and place scandisk.exe on it to achieve this.

  end 21:23 15 May 2004

but dont I need to leave scan disc "open"??? I m shutting EVERYTHING except IT and explorer. you are saying i need Systray what efffect is my shutting THAT having...???If I shut scan disc, am I not shutting THE program I need to run the scan????

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