Running to slow

  aymanh 13:24 17 Oct 2003

Hi, My computer is running to slow even that I am not using any software, I have a laptop AMD ATHLON 2400 with a 256 MB ram
what do you think the problem can be
I have windows xp home edition

  expertec 13:36 17 Oct 2003

Scan for spyware with Spybot from click here and Ad-Aware from click here , if you haven't got any antivirus get AVG from click here

  kingkenny 14:09 17 Oct 2003

Sounds like it could be a virus running in the background as a first guess. As expertec suggests run those programs and post back with any feedback.

Can you run system information in Start/All Programs/Accessories/System tools and confirm that the computer is recognising all the components and their values, ie 256Mb RAM etc.

  OneSirKnight 14:52 17 Oct 2003

Have you tried cleaning up your system? removing tempory files and cookies,then run a defrag program.

  aymanh 18:06 17 Oct 2003

It really worked , I downloaded the Spybot and it worked
it find a lot of errors and everything is fixed now, another thing I run the MSCONFIG and I disbled all the files that are unecssary in my stratup.
It worked , thanks again all of you

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