Running Powerpoint with Windows 7

  sunnypete 18:20 18 Oct 2013

Does Windows 7 include Powerpoint. I can't find it but thought I had used it before.

  Woolwell 19:43 18 Oct 2013

PowerPoint is part of MS Office and not Windows.

  AroundAgain 19:44 18 Oct 2013


PowerPoint comes with Microsoft Office and isn't part of Windows, not even Windows 7. Sorry to have to tell you that

Open Office or Libre Office have 'Impress' which is their equivalent presentation program to PowerPoint, and is free download and is certainly worth trying if you don't have PowerPoint.

Hope this helps you

  sunnypete 19:52 18 Oct 2013

Thanks both. I have Open Office, that tried to start the Powerpoint file, I'll try with Impress. Thanks.

  Woolwell 19:58 18 Oct 2013

If you just want to view PowerPoint and not create or edit then download PowerPoint viewer

  sunnypete 20:33 18 Oct 2013

Thanks, that's what I need.

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