Running a portable Hard drive with only USB 2.0

  Glen 19:54 09 Mar 2014

I want to buy a 500GB portable Hard drive for photos and document backup. My 2008 PC is Vista Business and the front USB ports are marked 2.0. The rear ones are unmarked - probably also 2.0. Most of the hard drives viewed online are specified 3.0, although a few say 2.0/3.0. Will I have trouble running such a unit with my USB 2.0 ports? Would appreciate advise. Glen

  Batch 20:04 09 Mar 2014

You should not have any probs. The standards require that all is backwards compatible:-

USB3 drives should work in a USB2 port.

USB2 drives should work in a USB3 port.

  QuizMan 20:41 09 Mar 2014

"The rear ones are unmarked - probably also 2.0"

All the USB3 ports that I have seen are blue whereas USB2 is black.

If using a desktop PC you can also buy a USB3 PCI card.

  wee eddie 20:57 09 Mar 2014

I run a 1TB WD Passport - USB3 on my XP, upgraded to W7, PC. Via the a 7 point Powered Hub. No problem

  wee eddie 21:21 09 Mar 2014

I forgot to mention. My front ports are USB and the rear, USB2.

P.S. a 1TB PASSPORT is only a few sheckles more than the 512MB one

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