Running out of space on HDD

  xoc 13:17 27 Feb 2005

I'm having a problem with available space ever decreasing on my C drive.
I have unloaded numerous programs and moved stuff to my other drives, but can't increase available space, so my PC hangs and hangs and was getting nowhere.
I then came across a little program called Treesize which I installed and, when I ran it on my C drive find that I have two versions of windows.
Windows and Windows.000.
When I look at the breakdown of each I find that under Windows I have 679mb, and when I explore further find that this breaks down as follows;
System =215Mb
Application data = 198Mb
Desktop=50 Mb
Files=45 Mb
Downloaded installations=22 Mb
Sys Backup=22Mb

Windows.000 has 492Mb which breaks down as follows;
cache= 29Mb
Application Data=11 Mb

Now I know that my C drive is too small at 2 Gb, an unfortunate error when setting up Partitions, but I do have 4Gb to spare on the rest of the HD which is my D drive.
Can anyone advise
1. How to resolve the problem of having two Windows folders.
2. How to increase the size of the C drive without losing valuable programs, files etc.
Incidentally I do have a second hard drive E installed which is a 60 Gb drive, but of which only 6 GB is recognised by my system, nevertheless there is adequate space there, if I knew how! to copy the complete first hard drive to it.I presumably could then re-partition the first drive with a larger C section, or are there any better ideas out there.
All help gratefully received.

  Completealias 13:22 27 Feb 2005

Which version of windows?

  Completealias 13:25 27 Feb 2005

Somehow you have ended up with 2 copys of windows installed. Personally I'd b tempted 2 wipe the lot and start again. Do you have a back up of all your files etc. If so then you could start again and repartion all the drives and format then do a clean install of windows and put all your files back on

  xoc 13:41 27 Feb 2005

Sys=Win 98se
Fat 32
I accept your proposition to back up everything of value to my E drive as I believe I outlined in my original posting!
My query is for advice on best way to go about doing it!

  961 14:05 27 Feb 2005

Partition magic is what you need. That will enable you to reclaim the whole of your c drive. Scour the internet for a copy at a reasonable price

You don't say what the E drive is. Is it a hd installed in the computer or an external drive

The failure to recognise all of the 60Gb may be down to BIOS and I wonder if an update is available on the manufacturers web site to sort this. Most BIOS dated 1998 or newer can support drives up to 137GB

If your BIOS does not support drives over 8.4GB you can upgrade the BIOS,or install a BIOS upgrade card such as ultraATA133 pci card from Maxtor, or similar.

  xoc 18:57 27 Feb 2005

I have Partition Magic, but am not aufe with how to use it, otherwise I would have tried it before now

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:05 27 Feb 2005

Partition magic has a tutorial built in.

Hard disk tools :-
Seatools click here
WD Data lifeguard click here
Maxblast3 click here

One of these will help set up hard drive if not recognized properly in BIOS

  woodchip 19:20 27 Feb 2005

As it looks like You have loaded Win98 more than once you would be better to move your Docs E-Mail etc to partition D:\ then restart with Win98 floppy disc and Format the Drive and reload Window from the Win98CD. You will find the Computer will fly at the side of what it is now. Make sure you have the Drivers for Hardware

  FelixTCat 19:36 27 Feb 2005

Windows.000 is left over from a previous installation attempt and can almost certainly be safely deleted. However, to check this, do the following.

First, make a boot disk - Control Panel - Add and Remove Programs - Make Boot Disk

Rename Windows.000 to and reboot. If it reboots OK, delete Windows.000.

If it doesn't, boot with the boot disk and rename to Windows.000, take out the boot disk and reboot. Rename Windows to Windows.old and reboot. If it reboots, Windows.000 is the working folder and you can delete Windows.old.

Go to the working windows/Temp directory and delete its contents.

Your Desktop folder, at 50 MB, is enormous! What do you have on your desktop taking this much space?

Also look at your Temporary Internet Files size. If you are on broadband, you really don't need this at all - certainly no more than 1n MB; a little more if you are on dial-up.

When I set up a Win 98 installation, I never allow more than 2 GB for the system partition - Win 98 itself doesn't take up more than 700 MB whatever you do.

You will make more space by installing programs on your D: drive. This will separate programs from the Windows system files and make C: easier to defrag and manage. If you keep your data on another partition that will make backups much easier too.

  xoc 11:20 28 Feb 2005

My thanks to all who contributed, but I ended up using Felix's solution, and now have 640mb free on my C drive.
As a matter of interest, I started by deleting win.000 and didn't need to use the start up disk as everything was ok upon restart, although it was so slow in restarting, that I thought I'd made the wrong choice.
I also had to do a bit of debugging, so I ran scandisk then defragged, and finally ran a program called "Errorguard" which found and cured 120 errors.
So now that I have a lively system, and having found and downloaded the latest Bios up-date, and having won the Rugby match yesterday, am going to try the upgrade, and with any luck, will soon have a full 60gb drive for my music files.

  Completealias 12:25 28 Feb 2005

Another program u can try to help clean up your drives is ccleaner click here very good and will get rid of any crud that has built up on your drive

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