Running an O/S from CD/DVD?

  SparkyJack 12:05 10 Jun 2011

Some years ago I purchased a Linux magazine the included a disk the allowed Linux to run from the disk without actually installing the O/S onto the computer.[I no longer have it]

What sort of disk is/was that and can I make/burn one from an ISO file?

  scotty 12:23 10 Jun 2011

Most Linux distributions will run from the install disc or a USB stick. I prefer the USB stick as it is much faster than a CD. Have a look at Unetbootin ( ) for a program which will create a bootable USB stick. The program also downloads many of the common distributions for you or you can use an ISO already on your pc.

  Covergirl 12:28 10 Jun 2011

Agreed. I've got about 3 or 4 linux boot/installation CDs including Ubuntu, Suze, Red Hat etc.

Just find a site, download an iso and burn. PC mags such as PCA always used to include them on cover DVDs - I don't know if they still do as I haven't used any magazine cover disc for yonks.

  SparkyJack 12:37 10 Jun 2011

That was quick thank you.

Next question

I downloaded Mint10.

Ran ISO Buster to unpack it.

Used CD Burner XP Pro to burn it.

Here I found that although the file was is extensive - when copied[dragged] to the burn window - it only partially transferred.

I also note you both seemed to me to intimate the thing could run from the ISO file itself-

Did I read that aright?

  woodchip 12:40 10 Jun 2011

You are getting it wrong, a Linux Live CD does not run from the Disc. It loads to Computer Memory. that's why you need at least 512 Meg for it to run Windows will not run like this, it should and will run from solid State Memory, but CDRW is not fast enough to write to

Linux Live List

  Crosstrainer2 12:50 10 Jun 2011

Woodchip is right, but the other instructions above are correct, but when you burn the disk, it MUST be in ISO bootable format. I've got Ubuntu running on a really old PC ( so old I couldn't give it away) And it's great, driver support is also much improved too, a little learning about source code and how to unpack and install and off you go!

  robin_x 13:30 10 Jun 2011

No need to unpack, burn the iso straight to disc using, for example, imgburn


I also use uNetbootin to do same for flash cards/sticks

Other apps will also do these things but I find the above can be done in just a few clicks.

  robin_x 13:33 10 Jun 2011

Also note you can almost certainly boot from DVDs too if you have a DVD drive. Doesn't have to be CD.

Saves making a special trip if you run out of CDs.

  Crosstrainer2 13:40 10 Jun 2011

How do you post hyperlinks now? I've been away for a while :))

Can't copy and paste anymore?

Sorry, a bit off topic.

  robin_x 13:47 10 Jun 2011

Ctrl-L. Make a new thread if you want further info.

  LastChip 15:28 10 Jun 2011

If you're unpacking anything, you've got it wrong and it will never work.

You burn an iso file "as is".

This link which I wrote a while back, will explain exactly how to do it.

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