Running my own web server?

  AcidBurn7uk 22:55 09 Feb 2004

Wasn't quite sure were to put this, but since it's about web servers/sites I figure it's best to put it here. I have an apache web server with php and mySQL running on my local machine for testing purposes. Ho do I set up my computer to allow access so that somebody else can view the site over the net? I assume I would have to allow access to port 80 in zone-alarm, my firewall, and configure apache somehow, but how?

  Sir Radfordin 22:58 09 Feb 2004

Generally it isn't a good idea (security etc) and may not be allowed under the T&C of your ISP. However if you do want to do it then yes port 80 will need to be open and you would give people access via your IP address - eg http: //

  AcidBurn7uk 00:25 10 Feb 2004

Thanks kind knight ;-) will check T&C of ISP (NTL) This is only for testing purposes though, not a live site, so I would think it would be O.k.

I run my own webserver thru my router.

Makes life easier, i can get mates to test site's without having to upload all the time, can share file's easier, give mates FTP space for piccies, and best of all i have a personal games server that i can apply my own password to!

Downside is that it is a bit noisey! But soon i shall stop that with a change of fan in PSU and some more effiecent cooling.

  Forum Editor 07:08 10 Feb 2004

is fine, but operating a public-access web server is an entirely different thing. It can be done of course, but you would be far better off using a 'proper' web host - there are all kinds of complex security issues relating to public web servers.

  AcidBurn7uk 10:31 10 Feb 2004

Success. I opened port 80 in zone alarm, and then disabled the built in firewall that XP comes with and all works well. As always, thanks for the speed response.

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